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Introducing Mobile Cash Deposits

Today is a monumental day. One of the most common feature requests we get from our customers is:

We want to be able to just take a photo of our cash and have the money show up in our bank account! When is that coming?!

And today we’re doing something that’s never been done before. Thanks to advanced AI, machine learning, and a brand new partnership with the United States Federal Reserve*, we’re able to do something truly impossible.

Introducing Cash Deposits* on iOS and Android

Now, if a homeowner doesn’t have their credit card handy, or they aren’t interested in financing, you can use JobNimbus Payments to deposit their cash payment using our adored mobile camera.

Just lay the dough on the table, point, and shoot. It’s that simple.

How to start depositing your cash

Our team has worked around the clock so you don’t have to, and they’ve made a solution that makes depositing cash as easy as taking your next selfie.

  1. Download the latest version of our app for iOS or Android.
  2. Show us the money: Lay out all your cash money on the table in front of the homeowner or hold it fanned out in your hand. Our AI system will figure out the rest.
  3. Open the app: Open the mobile app and head to the camera.
  4. Point it at your dough: Get all the bills in the camera frame, and our AI system will detect them and count them up (by serial number!).
  5. Wait for the Fed. Our system will send all those serial numbers to our partners at the Federal Reserve, who will verify the bills, check for counterfeits, and make sure everything is in order.
  6. Get paid: Once we get the okay from Uncle Sam, we’ll deposit the money into your bank account.

This all happens within a few weeks, as long as the Federal Reserve isn’t too busy holding press conferences about interest rates.

What you do with those leftover paper dollar bills is up to you. We don’t care as long as it’s legal (about as legal as this feature)!

Happy April Fools

Mobile Cash Deposits aren't real, but Next-Day Funding is

Okay, mobile cash deposits aren’t really a thing 😢 but Next-Day Funding for JobNimbus Payments 100% is a thing, and it’s available NOW 😍. It’s pretty amazing, actually:

  • Collect your payments before 9:30 pm Eastern
  • Get paid as early as 10:30 am Eastern on the next business day

Interested in getting started with Next-Day Funding from JobNimbus Payments? Schedule a quick meeting with our team to get paid faster than ever.

If you're a JobNimbus user AND have JobNimbus Payments, schedule your call here →
If you're a JobNimbus user but you DON'T have JobNimbus Payments, schedule your call here →
Finally, if you're NOT a JobNimbus user, schedule your call here →

*We are NOT affiliated with the Federal Reserve System of the United States of America. We did not have this conversation. We were never here…

**This is not a real JobNimbus Payments feature. However, Next-Day Funding, Down Payments, and Text-to-Pay are and we encourage you to use them to fix your cash flow problems.

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