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Cover More Ground With JobNimbus Flooring Estimating Software

Flooring estimating software can help your business cover more ground. Learn about our straightforward, “no hassles” approach to supporting your flooring business, both today and for years to come.

Four Ways JobNimbus Flooring Software Amplifies Your Business

Maybe you’ve never jumped into a digital tool for managing your flooring business. Maybe you’ve tried using flooring software in the past but haven’t found the right fit. In either case, you’re in for a great experience with JobNimbus.

You’ll find JobNimbus helps amplify all the good things you’re already doing. That way, you can get more done and improve your bottom line!

Here are four specific ways JobNimbus does this–just a few among many reasons to give our solution a try.


1) Extend Your Team’s Reach

Flooring jobs can get complicated, making it all-too-easy to miscommunicate. JobNimbus smooths the gaps by a providing you industry-leading collaboration and communication features, from automated call notes to a mobile app that works online and offline.

So, whether your flooring specialists are taking notes in the field or your office manager is handling a customer service complaint issue, every team member reads from the same page – or in this case, screen!

No matter what device your crews are working from, they’ll access the same cloud-based, synced content. That means fewer missed connections and/or misinformation to customers.

When your team can travel further and faster thanks to timely information and communication, your business’ reach expands.


2) Make Excellence Convenient and Consistent

Flooring is not always an exact science. Most jobs throw you plenty of interruptions along the way. That’s why convenience matters more than ever.

JobNimbus features time-saving help, such as in-app photos, which you can incorporate right into your customer notes. Imagine how convenient it could be to share your vision with a customer using photo annotations. You can do all this right on your smart phone or tablet.

Plus, the flooring industry is competitive, leaving you and your team hustling to get more done each day. That’s why convenience matters more than ever.

3) Structure That Supports Your “Flow State”

For your flooring business operations to flow, they’ve got to have the right support in place. Like the floors you and your team install every day, this creates a foundation for that room or space.

It’s no different with business structure.

JobNimbus makes it easy to articulate and leverage your foundational processes or workflows. When your product or service pipelines aren’t clearly defined, everyone still works hard and does their best, but those efforts may not be as apparent. The results often don’t shine through the way they do when everything is aligned.

With JobNimbus, you can plan and execute workflows with precision.

Create a sales workflow, for example, to track leads and prospects. Our popular boards make this fun and interactive, as you drag and drop specific customers, tasks, or to-do’s from one column or stage to the next. No more guessing what’s happening with a specific job!

Best of all, not only do our features make your business run more smoothly, it also creates a flow state that’s just more enjoyable all around!


4) Customized Materials Management

What about your samples and inventory? JobNimbus has you covered there, too. Since JobNimbus can be customized off-the-bat or down-the-road, your flooring software tasks are relevant to what your team really needs.

This trickles down far beyond just keeping an accurate count of your product. It means that when your field service team members are quoting a customer using fillable templates, they can provide customers exacts product names and amounts for that estimate.

JobNimbus avoids a lot of headaches by giving you the power to make our solution your own.


Improve Your Business Foundation With Flooring Software That Works

JobNimbus is a flooring software solution your entire team can adopt with confidence. We’ve covered a lot of ground with our feature lineup, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be spending weeks or months to get up to speed.

We consistently rate high for usability. Your team can access video training, support resources, and even custom training if desired. It all depends on what’s right for your company.

We look forward to helping you find the right solution with flooring software.

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