How To: Add Photos from the Mobile App

A picture says a thousand words. A picture (or pictures) from a job site can say a thousand things about the job that simple notes and descriptions can’t.

That’s why we’ve baked into our mobile apps the ability to upload photos directly to a Job or Contact. Adding photos directly to a job while at the job site from your mobile device brings a whole new meaning to mobile CRM and project management software.

Here’s How to Upload Photos from the Mobile App

To add a photo, first find the job or the contact you want to upload to and click the plus (+) icon in the upper right corner.

This opens the action menu for this job or contact. In this example, we are viewing a contact. To add a photo, click the Add Photo option.

Here you can enter the details of the photo (or photos) that you’re uploading.

What’s really handy is that you can upload multiple photos at the same time. Continue to click the Add Photo button to add more photos to upload them together in a single set.


Name – This field is required. Enter a name for the photo you are uploading. Note: If you upload multiple photos at the same time, then it will use the name you have specified here and append a 1, 2, 3, etc. to the end of each file name for each file uploaded.
Category – The category of the type of photo being uploaded. Options here are set in your File Type list. See Customizing Drop Downs to change the options listed here.
Description – An optional description of the photo(s).

Click the Add Photo button to choose photo(s) to upload from your device.

You can either take a picture directly with your device or you can choose a picture from photos already taken and/or stored on your device.

Once you have selected the photo, it will be listed below the Add Photo button.

Click the Add Photo button if you want to add more photos to this batch.

Once you have added all the photos, click the Save button to save the photo to the corresponding job or contact.

The photo is saved and will immediately begin to upload to JobNimbus (unless you are running in offline mode, in which case it will wait until it detects an internet connection before uploading).

You will be taken back to the job or contact screen. Notice that the number of Attachments will have increased by the number of photos you just uploaded.

And that’s it. It’s very simple to keep all your photos organized by Contact or by Job for a more complete view of the tasks at hand.

If you need any more help on setting up your live reports, shoot me an email or give us a call at 855-9NIMBUS.

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