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Best Roofing Websites to Inspire You

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A roofing website is the digital key to your success. But with so many roofing websites out there, what does it take to have yours be one of the best?

We’ve narrowed down the 11 most important parts of a roofer’s website (as well as a downloadable checklist). And today, we’re going to demonstrate what those 11 roofer website design essentials look like on real roofing websites that make them some of the best roofing websites online.

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9 Examples of the Best Roofing Websites (and What They Do Well)

MHI Roof.com

Website: https://mhiroof.com/

What we love about it: MHI Roof immediately captures your attention with a captivating image at the top of the page. They also pair that image with their USP (unique selling proposition) and social credibility (BBB accreditation).

MHI roofing website homepage

Rojas Roofing

Website: https://rojasroofing.com/#/

What we love about it: The Rojas Roofing website doesn’t just tell you about their past work; they show you. They’ve created an entire gallery page with lots of images from their projects to prove their quality. Not only can you look at many different pictures, but you can filter images by project type, location, and the products used to see what’s most applicable to your project.

It’s an excellent way for Rojas Roofing to showcase their artistry and help potential clients envision what’s possible.

They also get bonus points for making it super easy to get to their gallery page—it’s right in the navigation menu.

Best roofing website gallery page

Whalen Exteriors

Website: https://whalenexteriors.com/

What we love about it: The Whalen Exteriors Contact Us page is short and sweet. They provide multiple points of contact, including their phone number and physical address. They also include their business hours to help set customer expectations.

We also love that they have an interactive map on their Contact Us page. While this is a solid Contact Us page, it would benefit even more from having an embedded contact form.

If you want to know more about what to include on the Contact Us page of your roofer’s website, check out this guide on the essentials for a roofing Contact us page.

best roofing website contact us page example

Bar H Contractors

Website: https://barhroofing.com/

What we love about it: Bar H Contractors have a great navigation bar on their website. They seamlessly weave their roofing logo, pages, call to action (schedule a free inspection), and contact information into a good-looking, easy-to-use nav bar.

To keep the navigation bar from looking too cluttered, they nest subtopics under main topics. For example, if you hover over their Roof Types button, you get a dropdown with Metal Roofs, Asphalt Shingle Roofs, Cedar Roofing, Slate Roofing, and Tile Roofing options.

best roofing website navigation bar example

Vanguard Solutions

Website: https://vanguardroofingcompany.com/

What we love about it: The Vanguard Solutions homepage has a fantastic service-area section. They have an interactive map that serves two purposes: it highlights their service area and is visually interesting to capture attention.

Additionally, they lay out a bulleted list of specific cities they serve. Most of those cities link to a full page on the services they offer in that city. This approach helps improve their local SEO and allows customers to see if Vanguard Solutions even serves their area.

best roofing website service area example

Beantown Home Improvements

Website: https://beantownhi.com/

What we love about it: Beantown Home Improvements has a spectacular About Us page.
They cover who they are, what they do, and their awards and accreditations. They do a great job of giving the website visitor essential information without overwhelming them with too much to read.

The BHI About Us page takes it up another notch by including staff photos to help customers put names to faces. (Extra credit to them for using the same background and company shirts in all their employee photos.)

Check out our guide to taking team photos for your website to ace your employee photos.

About Us page for a roofing website with awards
roofing company employee photos on a website

Cittrix Roofing

Website: https://cittrix.com/

What we love about it: Cittrix has a lot of subservices but keeps their dropdown tidy by only listing their most popular and encompassing services.

They also do a good job of highlighting their services on their homepage with a short snippet and images.

the dropdown of a roofing company's services on their website
a roofing website page with their listed services

Shull Construction

Website: https://shullroofing.com/

What we love about it: Shull has several locations, and they do a great job of making it easy to find contact information for all three areas. At the top of their homepage, they list each location and its respective phone number.

Obvious contact information makes customers feel more at ease working with a business since they’ll know how to reach you.

the navigation bar of a roofing website with three listed phone numbers

Domino Roofing

Website: https://dominoroofing.com/

What we love about it: The footer is an often-overlooked part of a roofing website, but not for Domino Roofing.

The Domino Roofing footer is a dream. It has their logo, a simplified navigation bar, contact info, a CTA, and social media links. This footer has everything a potential customer might need, all in one place.

They do a phenomenal job of organizing their footer as well. With this much information, it’s easy for a footer to look busy and crowded. But the Domino Roofing footer keeps everything ordered, scannable, and visually appealing.

roofing website footer example

Elevate Your Roofing Website to Be the Best of the Best

Whether you’re building your roofing company’s website from scratch or revamping an existing one, take inspiration from these leading roofing websites. Even some small changes on your website can have a massive effect on your lead conversion rate.

For help creating one of the best roofing websites out there, work with Roofer Marketers. Roofer Marketers specializes in online marketing for roofing contractors just like you.

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