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7 Payment Types Roofers Can Accept for Roof Jobs

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Picture this. You’re shopping for a new grill. You’re at the store, find just the one you want, and take it to the register to check out. But there, the cashier says you can only pay with a check.

A check? Who pays with a check these days? And who knows the last place you saw your checkbook?

Instead of buying the grill you had every intention of purchasing, you put it back. You go to the store across the street where you can get the same grill for about the same price but where you can pay with cash or card.

That scenario makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? You wouldn’t choose to buy at a store that doesn’t take the type of payment you want to make. Your customers might feel the same way about paying for your roofing services.

Homeowners are eager for a variety of payment options. They want to pay in a way that’s convenient for them. If you’re looking for a way to bring in more customers and get paid faster, it’s time to consider accepting new payment options.

Here are the most common ways homeowners want to pay for a roofing replacement or repair.

Let’s dig in!

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A man paying cash for a roof job

The 7 Best Ways for Homeowners to Pay You for a Roof


Cash is straightforward and hassle-free. You don’t have to worry about paperwork or bank transfers that can delay payment.

While paying with cash is simple, you probably don’t see it often in roofing. Because roofing installations have big price tags, few people will pay for them in cash. Instead, homeowners are more likely to use cash to pay for a roof repair.


Although checks aren’t often the payment of choice for younger homeowners, they’re still a viable option for roofers. In fact, many homeowners over 55 write a few checks a month. Paper checks tend to get lost, though, which slows down your payment time.

One way to combat that and appeal to a younger audience is to accept eChecks. eChecks use an online payment processor (like JobNimbus Payments) to move funds from the buyer’s account into the seller’s account. eChecks offer benefits that paper checks can’t compete with—both for you and your customers.

Credit Card

Many homeowners use a credit card to pay for everything from groceries and gas to travel expenses and rent. Credit cards can offer high rewards and cash back, so why wouldn’t people want to put their roof installation on a credit card too?

We recently polled homeowners and found that 65% would rather pay with a credit card than with cash or a check. That’s more than half of all the people you work with! If you aren’t currently accepting credit card payments, those people could decide to work with another roofing company that does.

Just picture how many leads and jobs you could be losing simply because you don’t take credit cards.

One thing to be aware of with credit card payments is that they come with a small processing fee. But the benefit far outweighs the cost!


When it comes to how to pay for a new roof, homeowners might use loans. The two main loan types for roofing projects are bank loans and home equity loans.

  • Bank/Credit Union Loan: Homeowners can sometimes get a loan from a bank or credit union to help fund their roofing project. The bank will send you your payment and require the homeowner to repay them.
  • Home Equity Loan: Homeowners that own a portion of their home, called equity, can take out a home equity loan. This type of loan lets homeowners get a loan up to the amount of equity they have.


When dealing with roof damage, your customer’s insurance policy might cover the costs to repair or replace their roof. In these situations, you’ll have to work with their insurance adjuster to ensure the replacement or repair is covered and that you get paid.

Check out this handy guide to know what to expect as a roofer during the roof insurance claims process.


Our recent survey of hundreds of roofers across the U.S. found that 62% of roofing contractors currently offer financing. Financing is an excellent way to get your services in front of more people since homeowners can make payments over time rather than pay it all at once.

Financing gives homeowners more flexibility, but it also gives you some benefits as the roofing contractor. Our report shows that roofers who offer roof payment plans are more likely to get five-star reviews and earn over $4 million in annual revenue. Even better? Offering financing can help your company stay afloat during a recession.

Government Assistance

Are there any programs to help pay for a new roof? The short answer is yes.

Government assistance programs can pay for certain roofing situations. These programs tend to help low-income families, but specific locations can also qualify for assistance. You can check the USDA site for more information about who and what situations qualify for aid in your state.

Get Paid Your Way

As a roofer, you have the flexibility to accept payments however you want to. You can choose one or several of the listed payment options to work with the way you work. Accepting more payment options spreads your net for potential customers so you can earn more jobs and income.

If you’re interested in accepting eChecks, credit cards, and debit cards, we can help! Our JobNimbus Payments feature houses all your payment tools within the project management software you already use and love. Get paid faster, instill more trust in your brand, and get more money in your pocket. See how JobNimbus Payments works, or talk to our team to get started today!

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