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A Look at JobNimbus’s Super Crew Event

Super Crew attendees and JobNimbus executives at the Super Crew event

This year, we’re trying something new for JobNimbus events: Super Crew.

You might’ve heard of The Crew event we host, but this conference is on another level.

In this blog post, I’ll cover what The Crew is, how Super Crew is different from a regular Crew event, what people say about this new conference, and when our Super Crew events are happening.

What Is The Crew?

The Crew is an event that JobNimbus puts on several times a year to help our users take their accounts—and businesses—to the next level. Contractors can join us at The Crew for three days in Lehi, Utah, for an unmatched roofing conference experience.

The conference includes:

  • A welcome party with JobNimbus experts and other JobNimbus users
  • Networking with fellow contractors from across the country
  • Presentations about how to optimize your business, tips and tricks for using JobNimbus, and more
  • Sneak peeks into upcoming JobNimbus features
  • A Q&A with our executive team, including our CEO Ben Hodson
  • One-on-one time with a JobNimbus Account Manager (Jenius Bar time)
  • Unparalleled views of the Rocky Mountains from our Utah headquarters

How Is Super Crew Different from The Crew?

Now that you’ve seen what happens at The Crew, you’re probably wondering what the difference is between that event and our new Super Crew conference.

Our Super Crew events take everything that attendees love about The Crew and give you more of it. At a Super Crew, you get:

  • More Jenius Bar time
  • More industry-specific content
  • More time at the JobNimbus headquarters (4 days instead of 3!)
  • More opportunities with JobNimbus stakeholders
  • More actionable insights to skyrocket your company’s success

What People Are Saying About Super Crew

We’ve already had our first Super Crew of the year. How did it go? Let’s have a few of our January Super Crew attendees weigh in.

Darrallene Green from 316 Exteriors says, “I’ve been wanting to come for quite a few years because I thought it would be helpful. I wish now that I had done it much sooner. I’ve learned a lot at the Super Crew.”

She adds, “I really want to come back and do this again because I learned so much, but I actually had a lot of fun.”

William Chino of MNSOTA Construction shares, “We were excited to come to the Super Crew event. We’ve learned so many things already: how to use Insights, how to use the application, meeting new contractors, meeting new people, hearing their stories. The other thing that excited me was the CEO and the leadership panel . . . . That was impressive.”

Supercharge Your 2024 with Super Crew

If you want to optimize your JobNimbus account, rub shoulders with the JForce, network with other JobNimbus users, and learn industry secrets to success, Super Crew is the place for you.

We have two upcoming Super Crew conferences:

Spots are limited, so sign up now to make sure you get to be part of these events!

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