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Storing Emails as Notes in JobNimbus Software for Roofers

JobNimbus integrates with your email, making it easy to attach important emails as customer notes. Our roofing software easily tracks and saves the emails you send to your customers. This feature allows you to store important conversations in the customer file. There are a couple of ways you can store emails as notes in JobNimbus.

Forwarding or BCCing Emails

When you sign up for our roof software, JobNimbus gives you an email address. Your administrator can go and find this email address for you, so you know what it is. It’s under the “Email” tab under settings in JobNimbus. This email address is not an email you would give out to customers. However, it is a helpful email address that you can use to either forward, BCC or CC emails you’re sending or receiving. This is one way you can store your emails and attachments as notes in JobNimbus.

On your mobile app, you can go in and compose a message like a regular email, but also make it a note in JobNimbus. All you need to do is enter your JobNimbus email address in the BCC field.

One thing you need to make sure of is that your customer’s email in the “To” section is a registered email in JobNimbus. If you don’t already have a contact in JobNimbus with that email address, JobNimbus won’t know who to attach the email to. As long as that email address is under your contact in JobNimbus, the roofing software will automatically make that email into a note once you’ve sent it.

If you switch back to the web view of your roof software and go to the customer’s profile, you’ll notice new activity posted. You’ll see your new note at the top of the feed. You don’t have to manually type this in, because as soon as you send your email, JobNimbus records the message. It also records the subject line of the email and the day and time it was sent. If you click on “Show More,” you’ll see further details including the “To” and “From” information. If your customer replies to the email you sent, JobNimbus will additionally record their response as a note for you.

Emailing Directly from JobNimbus

Another way you can send emails is right from JobNimbus. Log in through your browser on your phone or computer and view the customer you want to send an email to. Click “Add Note” in the right corner of your activity feed. There, you’ll notice a “Send Email” option down below. If you check that box, JobNimbus will allow you to type out an email message straight from there.

There’s also an option to insert templates that your administrator can set up for you. Underneath the message box, you’ll see an “Attachments” button. Simply click the button and you’ll see a drop-down with all the attachments and photos related to that customer. You can check whatever of those attachments you want to send, and your roofing program will automatically include them in the email.

A little bit below that is the subject line and a “Send To” field where you can select the customer and other contacts you want to share the email with. After you hit “Add Note,” two things happen. First, JobNimbus will record the note and attachments under your activity log so you can keep track of everything. Secondly, JobNimbus will send a normal email to the customer with any files attached. Again, any replies will also be recorded in your activity and your email inbox.


Our construction management software for roofers makes it simple to send emails, record notes, and send photos or documents to anyone. You can easily forward or reply to an email and JobNimbus will automatically attach the message as a note for that customer. To recall, you can use the email integration by forwarding or BCCing your assigned JobNimbus email address, or emailing directly from inside your JobNimbus app. If you’re not already using it, check out the JobNimbus software for roofers demo here to see how it can start simplifying your workflow today.

For any questions or concerns about the JobNimbus email integration, please feel free to reach out to

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