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Is Your Solar Company CRM Sustainable?

Your company solar CRM software has a lot to do with your long-term sustainability in this industry. It helps you capture, track, and leverage the customer details and interactions, creating an ecosystem where your business can thrive. In short, your solar company’s staying power depends on how you treat customers!

Adopting a Sustainability Mindset for a Stronger CRM Experience

CRM should feel like a tool that’s working for you. This works best when users avoid common roadblocks that will derail your CRM.

Your solar company is built around improving energy sustainability for your clients. But what about your company’s own sustainability?

Just like how sustainable technologies help balance human consumption with ecological realities, your business tools need to balance your bottom line and customer relationships.

That’s where an industry-specific solar company CRM comes in. You need a tool that helps you mirror the sustainable technology you’ve built your company around with the customer relationships you’re working hard to sustain! We can help you bridge that if it is currently a gap for you because we love contact and project management software—enough that we’ve built an industry-leading CRM: JobNimbus.

Preparing for the Future With Scalability

Sustainability is about taking care of the present without compromising the future.

You need a solar company CRM that can grow with you. That said, you don’t want a heavy-weight tool with unnecessary features that bog you and your team down.

Look for a tool that can scale in order to future-proof your solar construction CRM software.

JobNimbus is packed with features, but by default, we turn most of them off. This allows your team to focus on the basics as you grow. But you also get the peace of mind that your current tool can scale up when needed. No transferring data between systems or interrupting your growth!

Harnessing Your Energy Wisely

Good business is about making the most of your team’s limited energy. That means eliminating inefficiencies.

Many solar companies’ workflows are a huge drain in that department. You don’t build solar systems with lots of energy leaks or dead ends. Instead, you offer systems that absorb and convert energy efficiently.

It’s best to approach your business the same way, by making sure you have a top-notch tool helping you. That’s what a well-honed workflow can do when powered by JobNimbus. Your energy doesn’t leak out through a hundred unnecessary decision points—it’s all set, automated, and networked throughout your organization.

This means your solar company’s CRM needs to be a priority. We’re here to help with a tool that’s as simple to use as it is powerful and efficient. It’s an energy use decision you’ll never regret!

Leveraging Your Team’s Energy Wisely

Once your energy is leveraged, you can begin looking outward within your organization. It’s easy to train your team on JobNimbus tools.

Your team will be more connected and in-sync than ever before. JobNimbus is a cloud-based tool for desktop, mobile, and web. Everything from customer notes to paperwork is available to team members, according to permissions you customize.

This keeps you informed about statuses, reports, and other information. This means less inefficiency.

Whether in the office or out in the field, team members know where to find what they’re looking for.

Experience a Sustainability-focused Solar Company CRM Today

JobNimbus is ready for you today. We offer a convenient 14-day free trial to help you experience all this for yourself. As you move toward a more sustainable solar company CRM, you’ll see results and enjoy the journey more than ever.

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