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Setting Up JobNimbus: Our New Guide To Getting Started Right

Even with a CRM as simple as JobNimbus, there are still a lot of moving parts and different avenues to explore. Part of this is because of how customizable JobNimbus can be when you really dig into it. For instance, unlike other software, you’re not stuck trying to learn how we think you should work. Instead you get to customize JobNimbus to match, or even improve, your existing process. But that means there are a lot more moving parts in JobNimbus, both in front and behind the scenes, to make sure your account is fully set up and 100% ready to give you the most value back. Because of this, we’ve created a brand new Set Up Guide that takes you step by step through the in’s and out’s of getting your account set up for maximum efficiency in the least amount of time, letting you get more value while not getting your real jobs held up.

Getting Started With Our Set Up Guide

You can find our Set Up guide at our brand new learning center: support.jobnimbus.com When you get there, you’ll see a link off to the left side for “Setting Up JobNimbus”. The very first page takes you to a video that will give you an overview of what you’re about to start. It’s a great way to kick off some general concepts and make sure you have everything you need to get started. From here there are 3 main sections to follow:


During this part of the process, we make sure you’ve got your t’s crossed and your i’s dotted in order to get started on the right foot. We help you determine your workflow steps and how those would translate into JobNimbus. We also help decide whether to use Jobs or not, and how you will use Work Orders. Finally, we’ll go through the list of features and show you how to enable any that you’ll need and disable any that you don’t want to have in front of you if you don’t need them.

Basic Setup

The basic setup goes into the key parts of the software and walks you through making adjustments and settings necessary for day-to-day needs. Some of those integral pieces are:
  • Your logo & color in JobNimbus
  • Adding team members
  • Customizing your workflow (contact types & statuses, job types & statuses)
  • Adding custom fields
  • Updating your lead sources
  • Building your boards
  • Importing your contacts from a list
All this will help make sure you’re able to start using JobNimbus on the daily, whether you’re on a free trial or whether you’ve already decided to upgrade to Pro.

Advanced Setup

The advanced setup goes into the nitty gritty, fancy doodads, and knick knacks in the furthest reaches of JobNimbus to maximize your account. Here we cover quite a bit as well:
  • Sync with QuickBooks
  • Your Work Order Workflows
  • Personalizing Templates for documents, contracts, estimates, etc
  • Setup Locations & Companies for businesses with multiple locations that share the same account
  • Automating Tasks & Notifications
  • List Your Products & Services
  • 3rd Party Integrations (i.e. EagleView, Accurence, naturalForms, Google Calendar, and more coming soon!)
Having all these set up, you’ll be ready to take JobNimbus by the horns and wrestle some savings for you, both in time and money.


We’ll be adding more to this setup guide to better assist our users in getting the most out of JobNimbus, but whether you’re a veteran user or just starting out, we highly encourage you to check out this new Setup Guide to ensure that your account is all ready to go. Head on over to our Learning Center now to get started!

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