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Setting up Contracts in the JobNimbus App

You can create contracts and documents right from your mobile app in JobNimbus. This enables you to create and access your documents right from the customer file on your phone. Once you set up your own contracts as templates in your mobile CRM app, you can build a contract while you’re meeting with your customer and get signatures right at the door.

How to Build Contracts

To do this, you would go to a customer or job in your JobNimbus app and then hit the plus (+) icon in the top right corner. This slides to a page with the option to add a document. Select “Add Document,” which will then show you the contact you’re adding a document to. It will also show you the status, document date, and document template. If you tap “Document Template,” JobNimbus will show you a list of all the templates you’ve set.

Templates are something your admin needs to create for you. If you don’t see anything on this list, your admin hasn’t created a contract using the Template Builder. They should follow the Help Documentation, which you can access from anywhere in the mobile CRM app, in order to do so. Once they’ve set that up for you, you will see a template on your list, and it will be really easy to follow from there.

Additional Contract Features

On some contracts, you can set an option to include an estimate. Tap on the estimate to apply it to the contact. As soon as you hit save, JobNimbus takes your template and auto-fills customer information. This helps save you time, so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself. Autofill information includes the customer’s name, phone number, address, email, and whatever else you want to see in your mobile CRM app.

If you scroll down in the Contact Detail, under “Related” you can see all the documents you’ve created. After you tap “Documents” and select the one you just created, you can hit the plus (+) button on the top and choose to sign the document with your finger. You can sign your own document or have customers sign it straight from your phone. Then, you can simply email a copy of the signed document to your customer. You also have the option to view the document, add a note, or print.

Setting up contracts in your mobile CRM app is a convenient feature that will help save you time and build customer relationships. Instant contract building and signatures are huge benefits for roofers working out in the field. JobNimbus makes the process easy so you can do your best work and your customers can be left satisfied. To learn more about building documents in the web version of JobNimbus, check out our video of it here. You can also view our blog to see mobile CRM app updates and posts on roofing.

If you have any questions about setting up contracts in the JobNimbus mobile CRM app, please reach out to support@jobnimbus.com.

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