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The Top Measurement Tools for Roofers

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Accurate measurements are the cornerstone of successful roofing projects.

In the past, roofers had to rely on manual measurements using ladders and tape measures. But with advancements in technology, roof-measuring tools have revolutionized the industry. These tools provide precise measurements, streamline workflows, and boost efficiency.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the top roof measurement tools transforming the industry to help you achieve new heights of precision and productivity.

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Roofing contractor writing down measurements on a clipboard

What Are Software Measurement Tools?

Software measurement tools take the manual labor out of getting roof measurements. These software tools can look at a roof (typically through a photo) to determine the pitch, angles, and needed amount of squares.

What Are the Benefits of Using Software Measurement Tools?

Roofing measurement tools are changing the game. With one of these tools in your pocket, you and your team can enjoy:

  • Greater safety—you don’t have to climb a precarious ladder or walk on a rotted roof to get measurements
  • Higher accuracy—the software can accurately measure the rooftop, taking miscalculations out of the equation
  • Faster measurements—get measurements in seconds without the hassle

What Are the Best Roofing Software Measurement Tools?

EagleView: Aerial Measurement Technology

Leading the charge in aerial measurement technology, EagleView has earned its reputation as a trusted name in the roofing industry.

By utilizing high-resolution aerial imagery, EagleView offers remarkably accurate roof measurements. Its advanced algorithms and data analytics eliminate the need for time-consuming manual measurements, reducing errors and saving valuable time.

With EagleView, roofers can quickly access detailed roof reports and measurements, making it an indispensable tool for roofing projects of any size.

But EagleView’s impressive capabilities extend beyond just measurements.

The software’s ability to provide detailed 3D models of roofs can help you better visualize the project and plan for precise material quantities. Additionally, it enables you to detect potential problem areas, such as structural damage or areas prone to leaks.

With such comprehensive insights at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions and provide clients with accurate estimates, boosting customer satisfaction and trust.

Hover: Intuitive Roof Measurements with Smartphone Cameras

Hover offers an intuitive and comprehensive roof-measuring tool that harnesses the power of smartphone cameras.

By capturing a few photos of the property, Hover’s advanced computer vision technology creates a detailed 3D model of the roof. This model enables roofers to extract precise measurements, accurately calculate material quantities, and visualize the final result.

Hover’s simple process significantly reduces the time spent on site measurements. You can use your phone or tablet to capture required data, eliminating the need for bulky equipment.

The 3D Hover model can also allow better communication with your clients because they’ll better understand your proposed roofing solutions. This clear communication helps:

  • Build trust
  • Ensure customers are fully informed throughout the project
  • Lead to higher customer satisfaction
  • Bring in more referrals

Take Your Roofing Business to New Heights with Roofing Measurement Tools

As technology evolves, roof measurement tools will be indispensable for accurate, efficient, and streamlined operations. Whether aerial measurements, augmented reality, or smartphone-based solutions, you can have every measurement tool you want.

By embracing cutting-edge measurement tools like EagleView, Hover, and Pictometry, you can say goodbye to manual measurements. Not to mention you can stay ahead of the competition!

Choose the measuring tool that best aligns with your needs to take your roofing projects to new heights of success. Leap into the world of precision and productivity with these cutting-edge measurement tools. Your roofing business will thank you!

If you’re looking for a roofing software that integrates with your measurement tools, use JobNimbus. JobNimbus seamlessly integrates with both EagleView and Hover to bring you an all-in-one tool to get your roof work done.

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