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Roofing Marketing Tips for Year-Round Success

Is most of your roofing marketing budget spent within the first half of the year? You’re not alone.

JobNimbus recently conducted a one-of-a-kind benchmark study that surveyed hundreds of roofers and unlocked industry information that no one has ever tapped into before.

Today, we’ll share what we learned about when you should advertise your roofing business to maximize your marketing budget.

One detail the study found was that the bulk of businesses are focusing their roofing marketing efforts from January to June and dropping advertising efforts the rest of the year.

It makes sense, as this is the same pattern most roofers see in their workload. While this approach may bring in new customers for the first part of the year, it does little to keep things going throughout the winter. With a few tweaks to your roofing company marketing, you can take your business from its current seasonal cycle to yielding year-round returns.

So, what are the best months to utilize your roofing marketing ideas? We believe there isn’t one short time that will put you ahead of the game. Our approach puts your roofing business leagues above the competition and constantly one step ahead of the game. Luckily, our suggested roofing marketing ideas don’t require a complete overhaul. With a few roofing marketing tips from our experts, you’ll see the benefits of switching up your strategy in no time.

Don’t Let Them Forget You! Build Brand Awareness for Roofers

As a customer-focused business, it’s your job to create and maintain relationships with clients. That relationship begins well before the first interaction. It could begin with a simple social media post or a referral from a friend. No matter how it starts, the key is to facilitate those future interactions through visibility.

How to Apply This to Your Roofing Business:

This means extending your marketing beyond just the first few months of the year. Continue posting, blogging, and running ads regularly.

By making yourself visible through your off-season, you keep that relationship with customers fresh and continue to build trust. The more brand recognition you create, the more likely it is that those impressions will transform into actual business interactions.

Boost Your Profitability and Take Advantage of Low Roofer Marketing Costs

If most roofing marketing is happening at the beginning of the year, consider the pricing associated with the rise and fall of those campaigns. According to the benchmark research, most roofing contractors aren’t spending money on advertising from July through September.

Anytime you market when others aren’t, you’ll achieve a wider reach. Plus, many platforms offer discounted advertising rates during “off” seasons. If you don’t already advertise year-round, start maintaining your roofing marketing efforts throughout all 12 months. Keep track of how the cost fluctuates and use the data to your advantage in the future.

Your Customers Are Your Asset! Let Them Bring in New Customers for You

By stretching your marketing throughout the entire year, you have the opportunity to work with new customers that you would have missed otherwise. Try leveraging the relationships you’ve already built.

Your off-season is an excellent time to implement a new referral program. Incentivize your past customers to recommend your business to their friends and family by offering discounts and upgrades. It’s a great way to improve your brand and drum up some new business.


illustration of a man inside of a mobile phone using a bullhorn to reach people

Train Your Customers to Spot Issues and Call You First

While there may be a “busy season” for roofing contractors, the truth is that there’s work to be done year-round. The problem is that some people may not know they need you until it’s too late.

Use the seasonal changes to educate your customer base about proper maintenance, preventative services, and signs of necessary repair. Whether you knock on doors or hand out flyers, reach out to homeowners and teach them how to spot warped shingles or what to do if they see damage after a storm. Then, as soon as one of these issues arises, they’ll not only know what to do, but they’ll know who to call.

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Stack Your Books for the Season to Set Your Finances up for Success

There’s a reason why many roofing contractors market heavily at the beginning of the year: they’re trying to fill their books as quickly as they can. If you’ve been strategically staggering your marketing throughout the year, this isn’t an issue. Instead, once the beginning of the year rolls around, you’ll find that you’re already ahead. You’ve prepared for each season by carefully planning a marketing strategy months before. There’s no need to over-market. You’ve already got things covered.

Increase Your Bottom Line with a Fresh Marketing Approach

By only focusing your marketing efforts on the first part of the year, you potentially limit your growth to that time. You’ll see a large drop-off in new customers and customer retention as the months go on. With year-round marketing in place, you’re more likely to get repeat customers and referrals—and with them comes increased profit. Over time, your improved strategy will grow your business and lead your company to greater success.

Reap Business Rewards by Homing in on Marketing

It’s easy to think of marketing as one small cog in the machine of your business. In all reality, though, marketing impacts all the other areas of your company too. Good marketing creates more business. More business allows your team to create more positive interactions in your community. Positive interactions lead to more referrals, which leads to growth. Growth allows you to change the entire culture of your company. It may seem like a simple adjustment, but a small marketing change just might be the key to your business’s future.

Marketing isn’t a sprint—it’s a marathon. It’s not solely about the short-term gains but rather the big picture. By extending your marketing efforts throughout the year instead of lumping it in the first half, you’ll turn your “off-season” into your “on-season.” If you’re not sure where to begin, start small. Come up with roofing marketing ideas that flow until the very last day of the year and implement little changes to the plan that you already have in place. Figure out what works for your business and watch as things slowly change. Once the jobs start coming in, keep things rolling smoothly with the help of JobNimbus. Our roofing CRM software makes it easy for your company to handle growth and maintain positive relationships with your customers. Learn more about how we can make your job easier by connecting with one of our experts today.

We hope you can take this breakdown of marketing for roofers and use it to become more profitable in 2022.

We’d love to hear your current marketing strategy and how you plan to implement the roofing marketing tips shared above. Let us know in the comments: What’s the first thing you’ll adjust in your roofing marketing strategy?

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