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6 Ways Remodeling Sales Software Can Help Your Team Today

Remodeling sales software can help your team today, by supporting your initiatives behind-the-scenes.

Though it may feel counter-intuitive, selling more jobs might come down to your back-end workflow. It can seem natural to focus outward when looking to increase sales, but your remodeling business will benefit greatly from the inward organization and structure the right remodeling sales software can provide.

List Of Top 6 Remodeling Sales Software Features

If you choose the right remodeling sales software tool to support your team, you can find additional power to reach and exceed your sales goals. Here are six features that can start paying off from day one.

1. Job Lead Tracking and Scheduling

JobNimbus is a remodeling sales software solution that makes it easy to track leads, follow up on prospects, and close deals, wherever your day takes you.

Search for leads or customers easily. Filter by lead source (such as word of mouth, internet advertisement, or community event) or by job status (such as Job Approved, Materials Ordered, or In Progress).

Workflows and calendars help your remodeling sales team excel at follow-through. Set up future tasks so you don’t forget to follow up on important to-do’s such as calling a customer back. You can view and manage this information on desktop or mobile, thanks to the scheduling feature. Or, manage workflows through boards, as mentioned in the next item on this list.

2. Decision-Making and Management

When you need a big picture overview or visual, try leveraging the boards view in JobNimbus. This interactive digital whiteboard features several vertical columns that act as virtual buckets or funnels. You can view or edit to update the content because JobNimbus also allows you to drag and drop items among different columns.

For example, you could have a column for each step in your sales process so that this board view shows individual leads, prospects, and customers in the appropriate column. That way, you always know where each contact is in your sales process. When a customer progresses through the system, you and your team can see that on your board.

3. Detailed CRM Tracking

When it comes to tracking contacts, you can go way beyond entering basic customer contact data. As just mentioned, you can define your sales process then specify where that particular customer is within it, to take advantage of board views.

Likewise, you can specify how a given lead was generated, such as by a marketing ad, referral, email campaign, or search engine.

It all begins with leads. Since many leads come into a central office, it makes sense to make transferring leads easy. In JobNimbus, office personnel can send leads to other team members by making assignments. When you receive a lead notification in the field, you’ll have access to all the information your team has tracked for that person. You will see their contact information as well as your next step within the sales or production process.

It’s simple to take action right from the contact information screen, such as clicking on the telephone number to launch a phone call to your new customer. You can even get turn-by-turn directions to a customer address.

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4. Team-Integrated Notes

When you complete a call to a contact, JobNimbus records how long the phone call was. This opens up the notes section so you can immediately enter important information about that conversation.

By including an @ symbol and a team member’s name, you can loop other team members in on your notes. They will receive a notification about the note and its details. Additionally, you can see a running list of all notes and interactions for a given customer in the activities section.

5. In-Office And Onsite

Access JobNimbus from any browser. For mobile use, download the free iOS or Android mobile app. This helps you have all your leads, contacts, and customer jobs when you are out and about.

Even if your job site doesn’t get Wi-Fi, you can still view, edit, and work with JobNimbus information as you normally would. The app will sync any changes you’ve made once an internet connection is restored.

6. Paperwork Made Simple

When you’re on the job site, you can quickly snap photos of job progress with the JobNimbus mobile app. These photos are added directly to the job folder to become part of the customer’s record.

You could also attach scanned documents from any scanner app or other file attachments. All these file types can sync to the customer’s folder. You can then email those files to the customer right from the app or integrate your email of choice–either way, sending customers information is a snap.

The advantage of emailing through JobNimbus is that emails are automatically attached as notes within the customer record.

Also, JobNimbus lets you auto-fill your pre-made estimate or contract template with the customer’s saved information. The customer can then sign the contract right on your mobile device. Using custom templates in this way makes quoting project amounts or finalizing contracts simple.

With just a few clicks (or taps), you can get through the necessary paperwork without even touching paper or losing any documents along the way.

Next Steps: How To Upgrade Your Approach To Remodeling Sales Software

This list is only the beginning! You can also learn how to Get More From Your Remodeling Project Management Software.

In summary, your remodeling sales software decision is an important one, so please let us know how we can help. JobNimbus offers remodeling sales businesses like yours many features and opportunities for customization. Please contact us for additional information.

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