New Year’s Marketing Strategies for Your Roofing Business

New Year’s resolutions may be a cliche, but for a roofing business owner, they’re necessary for growing your business and accomplishing business goals for the entire year. Marketing is an essential part of a roofing business for succeeding and driving sales. Luckily, you don’t have to have a large company or spend lots of money to have effective marketing strategies. Effective marketing strategies just require some well-planning and understanding of your roofing business. With that said, here are four marketing strategies to get your roofing company more leads and sales this year.

1) Create a Business Website

Now that it’s 2020, nearly every business has its own website. If you don’t have one, start now! When creating a website, you should optimize it for mobile and web devices and make it visually attractive, easy to navigate, and fast to load. You can research best practices for web layouts, fonts, colors and more to find what you like and build your online brand. Websites can make or break a potential sale. If you don’t have a mobile- or web-friendly site, potential leads won’t hesitate to exit and look elsewhere. Be sure to include the most important pages on your website and make it obvious about who you are, what you do, and how customers can contact you. Additionally, if customers post comments or questions on your site, remember to answer them quickly.

2) Set up a Google Business Profile

People who are in need of your services will be Googling keywords related to your roofing business. Before setting up a Google business profile, you’ll want to do some research on keywords and competition to rank high on Google’s search engine. You can use Google Keyword Planner or other free tools to find long-tailed keywords that potential leads may use to find your business. Once you claim your business on Google, customers will be able to easily view your roofing business and connect with you. Customers can contact you via phone calls or messaging and view your website, business hours, and store location. Your business profile can also show off photos of your work along with customer reviews which can help you get more sales.

3) Use Social Media Frequently

Social media is an excellent and free form of marketing your roofing business. You’ll be surprised as to how many people out there want to follow a roofing social media account. The trick is staying active and posting relevant content for your target audience. Social platforms include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, and more. For Facebook, while you should have your own business page, it’s also smart to make a Facebook group and join similar groups to connect with locals and potential customers. This also goes for LinkedIn. You can search for and connect with local businesses and property managers to generate more leads. Additionally, social media is another way for leads to reach out to you and engage with your content. Sharing content equals free marketing and attracts more viewers.

4) Market Your Unique Selling Proposition

Your unique selling proposition (USP) is what makes your roofing business different than others. Brainstorm what your roofing company brings to the table that others don’t. How can you make your customers feel special about selecting your company? This could be as simple as building a personal relationship with them. You can use your roofing CRM software to easily keep in touch with customersshow them thanks, and customize their accounts. Regardless of what your USP is, you should use it to your advantage and market it by using creating advertising. The more unique you can make your company seem than others, the more customers will have a desire to work with you.

Implementing these marketing strategies for the new year may make 2020 your business’s best year yet. Start by creating a business website, then setting up a Google business profile for customers to discover you. Next, use social media often and connect with people who are tied to your industry. Lastly, find what your USP is and market it as creatively as possible. What other marketing strategies do you find useful for your roofing business? Let us know in the comments below!

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