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🏔️ Peak Performance 2024 is here. Get the report

JobNimbus Solution Summit 2019 Recap

This year’s JobNimbus Solution Summit was held in Orlando, Florida and was a one-stop-shop for customers and partners to learn more about using JobNimbus and finding solutions to their business problems. Thank you to all our attendees and contributors for making it such a successful conference and amazing experience.

Our wonderful partners taught in-depth classes on their integrations and helped customers firsthand so they could utilize their integrations and maximize team efficiency. Some of the classes held helped customers gain a greater understanding of JobNimbus features, as well as special insights into the way successful companies use JobNimbus to their advantage.

To name a few, classes including Early Account Setup, Automation Basics, Optimizing Workflows, Getting the Most Out of Reports, Advanced Automations, and more were particularly popular with customers this year.

JobNimbus Solution Summit is an annual event, so stay tuned for next year’s conference details. We received great feedback from our attendees in Orlando and are excited to use what we’ve learned to keep improving JobNimbus and host an even bigger and better Solution Summit next year!

In the meantime, we have a quick recap of some big announcements from this year’s event:


New Sales Dashboard Reports

The new Sales Reporting Dashboard Reports provides insight into your data within JobNimbus. You can quickly and easily see your sales, lead sources, and top performers. While you still have the option to create any custom reports you need, the Sales Dashboard provides a visual snapshot of your complex data.

JobNimbus + TAMKO

JobNimbus is excited to announce its new strategic relationship with TAMKO Building Products LLC, one of the nation’s largest independent manufacturers of residential and commercial roofing products, waterproofing and cements and coatings.

This new strategic relationship will immediately offer TAMKO Pro Certified Contractors a special discount on JobNimbus Pro and Advanced subscriptions, making this powerful sales and marketing tool more affordable than ever for roofing businesses of all sizes.

Boards Update

Boards are coming to the JobNimbus mobile app! Features include:
  • Slide-over contacts and jobs
  • Totals above lists
  • Customizable cards
  • plus more!

Special Deal from naturalForms

naturalForms is providing a limited time offer to our customers to use its software completely FREE until January 1, 2020. Use code “FORMS2020” at checkout to redeem this exclusive deal. For more details visit here. If you want to learn more about naturalForms and how it can help manage your entire business, check out their website.

Thank You to our Partners

A huge shout out to our partners at Beacon, TAMKO, CompanyCam, SalesRabbit, Podium, Broadly, HailTrace, Balance Claims, Leap, naturalForms, The Roofing Academy, ContractorCoachPro, and Breakthrough Academy. We appreciate you for joining us and delivering such valuable presentations.

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