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JobNimbus and HOVER Integration: Access your 3D Model Anywhere

We’re excited to announce our new HOVER integration. The HOVER platform transforms smartphone photos of any property into an accurate, interactive 3D model so contractors can estimate a project confidently and easily visualize different product lines and colors to show what the final project will look like.

Now JobNimbus users can order a HOVER directly within JobNimbus. Once the detailed measurements and the 3D model of the property are ready, you will be able to access all this information right within your contact view.

“We couldn’t be more excited about the HOVER integration,” says Nick Wood, Head of Development. “HOVER adds key values to the exterior home improvement industry. Being able to integrate directly with the platform will help our users continue to grow their businesses and operate more efficiently.”

The integration with HOVER will enable you to seamlessly order and incorporate detailed job information all within the same platform, keeping every team member on the same page.

How does HOVER integrate with JobNimbus?

  • Order HOVER measurements directly within JobNimbus.
  • Populate your customer or job’s address information from JobNimbus as a new project in HOVER.
  • Receive a copy of your project’s measurements and interactive 3D model within your contact or job’s attachments.

For more details on how to integrate directly to JobNimbus go here.

Have you used this integration yet? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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