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How To: Use JobNimbus to Store Your Documents

Most companies manage their documents in a document-specific service (Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, etc.)

But the best case scenario is having your documents in line with the rest of your data and information.

Which is why JobNimbus provides the ability to store a copy of documents that all your JobNimbus users can have access to at all times and places from the cloud.

This includes documents from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, photos, and more.

Storing Documents Accessible to Everyone

The Documents link on the left navigation is the place to upload documents that will then be accessible to all your users in JobNimbus.


Think of it like a shared documents folder. You might upload a standard contract that needs to be printed each time a customer is ready to sign or maybe a spreadsheet template that needs to be filled out for new customers.

This is also a great place to put marketing brochures and other documents that you want to have on hand.

The key to this documents area is that you can have company wide documents and attachments without having them intermingled with attachments for each contact, job, task, or other record in JobNimbus.

And, unlike attachments on a job or contact, these documents are not associated to any specific job or contact and are accessible to all your JobNimbus users.

Creating and Managing File Types

JobNimbus gives you the ability to classify different files under File Types.

In Account Settings, there is a tab for File Types where you can create, edit, and delete file types.

To add a new File Type, click +Add Type. To edit an existing File Type, just choose the Edit, Hide, or Delete buttons.

When adding a File Type, just give the type a name and click +Add File Type.

Using the Documents Section

On the Documents page, you’ll find all your company-wide documents.

To add a new document to this page, click + Upload Document.

Here you can choose to browse for a file on your device, or drag a document to where it says “drop files here to upload.”

You can also choose the File Type and add a description. To upload the document, click + Save Attachment.

Once your document is uploaded, you can see basic information like an icon (or preview if it’s a photo), the date it was uploaded, who it was uploaded by, the document name, type, and size.

You also have quick actions to Download (to save to your device), Edit (to rename or change the file type), or Delete the document.

You can also filter the Documents section to see All documents or just documents of a specific type.

If you upload an image to this area, you can click the preview icon on the left side and see the photo in a larger preview popup.

And now you’re ready to start using the Documents section to share your important company documents conveniently and securely using JobNimbus.

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