How To: Share a Job from JobNimbus

JobNimbus provides a really simple way to share a job with a partner, customer, or any other related contact, and can even serve as a customer portal.

Sharing a job with a customer allows them to check on the status of the job, see specific notes and attachments you want to share with them, and you can even assign them tasks.

The best part is the person(s) you share with don’t even have to be JobNimbus users. It’s really pretty cool and can be very useful for a number of situations.

Sharing a Job from JobNimbus

Jobs can only be shared with related contacts to the job and can only be shared with contacts that have an email address.

To share a job, click on the ••• action menu to bring up the list of menu options for a Job or Contact. Choose the Share option to share this job.

Share Settings

Clicking on the Share menu option opens the share settings window where you can set options for how this job will be shared.


Who would you like to share with? – Related contacts on this job with email addresses are listed here.

Which attachments would you like to share? – Allows you to either choose all attachments to share or select specific attachments.

Documents – If you have selected the Let Me Choose option, the list of all attachments on this job will be shown here and you can check the box next to the attachments you would like to share.

Clicking the Share button will immediately send an email to the contact(s) you have selected.

Email Sent

Each selected contact will receive an email from you. This email will contain a secure link to the job share. The contact will not need to create an account with JobNimbus, remember a username or password, or do any other setup. They just click on this secure link and they are taken directly to the job share screen.

Job Share Overview

At the top of the job share is the job overview information.

Job Share Tasks

If you have assigned tasks to a contact for this job, they will also appear on the job share.

Job Share Notes

Any notes that have been shared will appear here. The person that this job has been shared with can click the Add Note button to add notes as well that will immediately appear on the job’s notes grid.

Notes will not automatically show on the job share. You must enable them (see below for the section Job Share Account Settings on how to set Note Types for job share).

Job Share Attachments

The list of attachments you have shared will show here. The person that you’ve shared this job with can click the Add Attachment button to add attachments that will immediately appear on the job’s Attachments tab.

Job Share Account Settings

By default, notes are not shared on the job. You must first choose what note types will be visible on the job share.

To do that, go to your name at the top right and choose Settings, then choose the Note Type tab. Here, you can check the box for any note types you want to be visible on the job share.

Editing a Note Type

You must click the Edit button next to a note type to decide whether or not it is shown on the job share. Check the Show on Job Share button to make these note types visible on the job share.

Sharing a job is simple using the job share feature in JobNimbus. If you happen to need any assistance, contact us at at any time.

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