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How to Set Up your JobNimbus Automations

You can use automation in JobNimbus to create tasks or checklists or automatically send an email when important milestones happen in your workflow.


To do this, you would go up to your name in the top right corner and select settings. On the automation tab, you can create new rules that will run in the background and automatically create tasks or send emails.

When you decide to add a workflow rule, JobNimbus lets you define the rule’s conditions and actions. For actions, you can choose to either “Create a Task” or “Send a Notification.”

Creating a Task

First, name the rule something. For example, if your status is at “Job Approved,” that’s when it becomes a production-type job. You might want to give a heads up to your sales rep that anytime they put something into “Job Approved,” they should make sure they have certain paperwork attached before moving forward.

You can set it up where you add a new rule and name it something like “Job Approved Checklist.” Underneath “Rule Name” is where you define what the rule’s conditions are. When a [Contact] is [Modified] you can set a condition where if [Status] [is equal to] [Job Approved], that’s where you want these tasks to become automatically created.

At this point, you can add an action to tell JobNimbus what to do when this happens. You can pick between two options of either creating a task or sending an email notification.

For this example, you would create a task and fill in the details of what you want your sales rep to remember. You should always keep your “Maintain related contacts” box checked so whenever you create this task, JobNimbus will know which customer you should put this task under. You can continue to add actions if there are multiple tasks you want the sales rep to do.

You can check your production board and view customers underneath the “Job Approved” column to make sure the rule works. Select a specific customer under “Job Approved” and view the task tab to see your newly created tasks. These tasks automatically appear because of the automation function running in the background. As a sales rep who is looking at the profile, you can check off tasks once they are completed.

Sending a Notification

You can also have JobNimbus automatically send an email when something important happens.
If you go back to your settings and select automation, you will remember there being two options on “Add Action,” one of them being to “Send a Notification.” With this, you will need to have set up an email template beforehand so JobNimbus will know what to send. To do so, you would select the templates tab on the left, hit “Add Template” and then “Email.”

In this example, you might want to let your production manager know whenever there was a signed contract because that would be the point where the production manager needs to start planning for materials, etc.

In “Template Name,” you can name it something like “Production Ready,” and then write in the text box below what you want to send to your production manager.

You can select the “Insert Template Field” button to insert the number of the job for the production manager. JobNimbus will autofill the job’s number whenever you select the template. You can also insert customer information like their first and last name, then write a message below.

You have now created a new email template that you can send out through automation.

To finish setting up your rule, you can go back to automation, pick your template, write a subject and pick your recipients, which would be the production manager in the example above.

After you save your work, you can check your contact’s information, and when the customer’s status is set to “Signed Contract,” in the background, JobNimbus will recognize the status fits the rule and will send out an automatic email to the assigned recipient with the proper job number and customer information filled in.

If you have any questions or need help setting up your Automations you can check out our Knowledge base article here.

4 Responses

  1. Can you create a workflow for a status “new Lead” or “cold lead” so that as soon as a group of contact are imported through the import process the automation will send an email from a template created for that?

    1. Hey, Rick! Yes, you can create an automation for this if the Contact is a lead or is imported into JobNimbus as a “new lead” or “cold lead.” When setting up the automation, you have to make sure you’ve already created the template as a template and know who you want to receive the email. I hope that helps, but feel free to reach out if it didn’t answer your question.

  2. Hello, we have a question. We currently have automations set up for sales reps to follow up with customers. Does Job Nimbus have a way to cancel an automation when the status of the job is moved to a different status? The example after the estimate is proposed we have 4, 9, and 16 day triggers that are sent out to the sales rep. If the status is sold or lost. Those 4,9, and 16 day automations still are being sent out. I don’t see where you can cancel the automation in the conditions of the automation type.

    1. Hey Nathan! Great question. I sent your question over to our support team, someone should be in touch soon to help you out!

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