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How to Create Templates and Get Signatures

JobNimbus gives you the tools you need to set up your contracts and other documents as templates. This allows you to generate a document automatically from your template from either the web or the JobNimbus mobile app.

What’s more, you can add signature areas to these documents to get them signed on the spot by a new customer right from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Here’s how to make your templates and get them signed

Note: The Template Builder is a JobNimbus Pro feature and only account administrators can set up document templates.

Creating a Document Template

The first step is to set up your document as a template in JobNimbus. Go to your name at the top right corner and find Settings in the menu.

On the Templates tab, you will find a list of all your templates, including estimates, invoices, email, and so forth.

In order to create a new document template, use the Add Template button and choose Document as the template type.

A free-form editor will open where you can write and design your document.

Naming Your Template

You’ll want to select a name for your template to help you identify it when you go and create documents from this template in the future.

For instance, if this will be a contract that you have new customers sign when they’re ready to move forward with you, you might name your template: Standard Contract.

Designing Your Template

Below the template name is the editor box where you can enter the text that will appear on your document.

You can either type the contract language directly into this editor box and use the formatting toolbar above to change the styling, fonts, colors, and layout of the text; or if your document already exists as a Microsoft Word document, for example, you can copy and paste the Word document text into the editor box.

JobNimbus does a pretty good job of matching the formatting of text that you copy from Word and other word processors.

Template Fields for Dynamic Insertion

It sounds really complicated, I know, but it’s actually just a fancy way of referring to a really useful feature in JobNimbus where you can put in some variables that will get replaced with the real stuff you need on the document.

For instance, JobNimbus can automatically insert a customer’s name or job address directly into the document when you generate it. In fact, any field in the job or contact is available as a template field to be auto-inserted.

To insert a template field, first place your cursor in your document text where you want the template field value to be inserted.

For instance, here I might want to greet my customer at the top of the document by having JobNimbus auto-insert their first name into my document text. I just place my cursor where I want the customer’s name to be inserted:

Now use the Insert Template Field drop down in the editor’s toolbar to select the value to be inserted here:

You will see that JobNimbus inserts a template placeholder field to show that this field will be auto-filled whenever the document is generated for a job or contact.

Adding a Signature Line

Adding a signature line is just like adding another template field to your template.

Just put your cursor at the bottom of the template editor, or wherever you want the signature line to appear.

Then, use the Insert Template Field drop down in the editor’s toolbar, find Built-In Sections, and choose Signature:

And that’s it. You’ll now see the signature template field in your document:

[Note: In addition to your text and variables, you can also insert images such as your logo into your document template. Just put your cursor where you want the image to be inserted and use the Insert Image toolbar button to choose the image to insert.]

Saving Your Template

Once you have your document template all set up, click the Add Template button to save your document template.

Now you have a document template ready to go.

Setting up your document template is only a one-time thing that you need to do. Once the document template is configured, your users can generate this document very simply right from a job or contact.

However, you can come back and edit the template to make additions or corrections at any time, save it, and it will be updated for ever document generated after that.

Generating a Document from your Template (Web App)

Now that your document template is set up, you can create this document very easily.

Just go to a job or contact that you want to create the document for. Use the Action Menu (gear icon) at the top right corner and choose Create Document from the menu options.

Choose the template you want to generate. Notice that all the document templates you have set up will show in this drop down list.

A preview of your template will show below where you can actually make any optional tweaks to your template before the document is created. Once you are ready to create the document, just click the Save Document button.

JobNimbus will now process your document template, automatically inserting any template fields you have set and create a PDF of your document. A preview of the PDF will shown. You can see that the template fields are now auto-filled withe values from your job or contact.

You can now use the action menu at the top right to send your document to the customer, print it, or download it as a PDF.


Generating a Document from your Template and Getting it Signed (iPhone, iPad, Android Apps)

JobNimbus makes it easy to generate documents on your mobile device to get the signed right on the spot.

First, open the JobNimbus mobile app and find the contact or job that you’re generating this document for.

Tap on the + button at the top right.

Then, choose the option for Add Document.

Here, you can set your document date and choose the document template that you created earlier.

You shouldn’t normally have to do any more than this, but you have a few options for forms and other things here if you need.

Once you’ve got your document set up, just hit Save. JobNimbus will generate this document.

You’ll now see you have one document attached to the job or contact.

To start signing, tap on Documents (1), which will show you the list of attached documents. Choose your newly generated document.

To add a signature, tap the + icon at the top right.

Choose Sign from the menu list.

You’ll get a full screen signature area for your customer to sign their name. Have them sign and then tap Save.

You’ll be returned to the View Document page where you’ll not only see the saved signature, but also that the Document Status has automatically been changed to “Signed“.

And you’re done.


Now you know how to create new document templates, add signature fields, and get them signed on web and on the JobNimbus mobile app.

Go ahead and experiment with some other documents that you use regularly (or even ones you only use every once in a while) to add them to JobNimbus. Having all your documents in one easily-accessible and mobile place just makes everything easier and brings the reality of a fully-digital office that much closer.

If you happen to need any assistance with creating new document templates or getting signatures, contact us at support@jobnimbus.com at any time.

2 Responses

  1. Can a document have more than one signature? We typically have 2-3 places to sign. Homeowner1, SalesRep1, and sometimes Homeowner2.

    If multiple signatures is possible, how does the send to sign work? Are two email addresses needed?

    1. Hey Jake! There are 2 answers to this:

      1. The templates shown in this blog post CAN have multiple signatures, and you’re exactly right: you just need an email address for each required signer and emails will go out to them individually.
      2. For our new Proposals feature (as of 10/13/2023) we support 1 signature, but the team will be adding multiple signatures (and initials) very soon. Stay tuned for here for updates!

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