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10+ Hilarious Roofing Memes & GIFs

Every industry needs its inside jokes, including the roofing industry. Roofing can be a stressful job, so it’s good to let off some of that stress through laughter. While there are memes for almost anything on the internet or social media, you don’t often see memes made for roofers. These jokes about roofers will put a smile on your face. We did some research to put together a list of 10+ hilarious roofing memes and GIFs.

Funny Roofing Memes

10) Always man’s best friend

I specialize in roofing meme dog in a hard hat

9) This guy’s work is seriously through the roof

a bad roofer falls through the roof of a house with his head sticking out

8) Dang rain

A dog with tears in its eyes saying, "When you just want to roof in the rain, but the homeowner says, 'Go home.'"

7) Be safe in the sun with a JobNimbus roof pun

A roofer with an open umbrella strapped into his work belt to give him shade
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6) *panic*

A dog sleeping and an angry cat roofing meme

5) How exactly did he get up that ladder?

a cow on a roof ladder safety meme

4) This DIY stuff is getting out of control

a cat with a cone sitting on the rooftop

3) Ladders? Nah, we have step ladders.

ladder roofing meme

2) *Staredown*

funny roofing meme of dogs standing on shingles

1) ☀️

A man as the sun looking down in the sky with the caption "The look the sun gives me when it finds out I'm having too much fun roofing."

16 Funny Roofing GIFs

1) Shopping around for roofing CRMs

2) Roofer hibernation

3) Date? 🚫 Data ✅

4) It’s all fun and games until you pick a bad roofer

5) The shingles are hiding something

6) When you make work harder for yourself

7) I don’t need them, but I want them

8) When you miss the shingle nail line by *that* much

9) These are a few of my favorite things 🎶

10) The roofing business solution that sticks

11) Getting back into the roofing groove

12) Doesn’t roofing just make you want to dance?

13) ChatGPT has entered the roofing chat

14) The early (bird) raccoon gets the (worm) Angi leads

15) Give the people what they want

16) Winter Wonderland

Lighten Your Day with Roofing Memes

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What’s your favorite roofing meme? Share it in the comments below!

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