5 Ways to Generate More Fencing Leads

As a fencing contractor, you might find that you’ve perfected your skill and have been serving your clients for some time, but it seems like your business isn’t growing.

Unless you have an effective lead generation strategy and the right fencing software, your fencing business can have a hard time bringing in enough customers.

Lead generation ensures your business has a constant supply of potential customers who either don’t know your business or want your services but need some convincing (cold leads). The key to an effective lead generation strategy is staying a step ahead of your potential clients and your competition.

In this post, we’ll cover 5 effective methods to help you get more fence leads and achieve your business dreams.

Let’s dive in!

1. Identify Your Target Audience

Though choosing the right marketing audience might sound basic, it’s usually the first step of lead generation. For a marketing campaign to be successful, you need to be intentional and consistent.

You need to choose between marketing to residential or commercial clients. If you target both markets, your campaign will be inconsistent, lowering your business’s worth by 20%. After identifying your target audience (buyer persona), you can start looking at some of the problems they’re facing and how your business can solve them. The more you understand your audience, the more you’ll be able to help them and attract more fencing leads.

2. Create a Plan with SMART Goals

After creating a buyer persona, you need to develop an effective plan to address the needs of your target audience before jumping into any marketing campaigns. You can achieve this by determining:

  • The outcome you expect from marketing your fencing company

  • The channels you are going to invest in to achieve your objectives

  • Your lead generation budget

Once you factor in all these issues, create some SMART goals for your fencing lead generation strategy.

3. Content Marketing

People are constantly looking for instructions and advice on how to do something. You can generate more leads for your fencing business by providing your audience with fencing content they are interested in reading.

Content marketing is among the top and most effective ways of generating leads for any business. It generates 3x more leads than outbound marketing and costs 62% less. There are different types of content, ranging from eBooks and blogs to videos and infographics. But no matter what type you use, ensure the content is relevant to your audience.

As an expert in fencing, you can provide valuable information to your audience. Sharing your expertise in your content has two benefits:

  • Establishing your fencing business as an authority in the industry

  • Boosting brand recognition, which leads to more conversions

Check out this blog post to learn 4 tips for highly effective content marketing.

4. Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Typically, word-of-mouth marketing is when your business or services sell themselves. By constantly offering high-quality fencing services, your clients might refer you to their friends or family. It’s free advertising based on customer experience.

Word-of-mouth marketing is the most valuable method of marketing because it’s the most trusted form of advertising. According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers believe recommendations from family and friends over other forms of advertising.

5. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC advertising is also among the most effective methods for generating fencing business leads. PPC ads appear at the top of most search engine results pages (even before organic results) and are tagged with the title “ad.”

Based on the user’s query, the search engine displays the most relevant paid content, primarily focusing on local businesses. Individuals with high search intent tend to click on PPC ads. 65% of all high-intent searches result in a click, meaning the most interested people will interact with your ad.

Keyword Selection

With this marketing method, you select the phrases and keywords that you want to trigger your fencing ads. Keyword research helps in determining targeted fencing keywords. When conducting keyword research, focus on long-tail keywords, typically three or more words.

For example, someone looking for fence contractors in Harrisburg, PA, will be more interested in your business than the one who searched for “fence.”

Bidding System

You must bid for placement against other fence contractors/businesses to run your PPC advertisement. You set a maximum bid, which is the amount you are willing to pay every time a person clicks on your ad. The maximum bid is flexible and can be changed at any time.

Remember, keyword research is especially vital for the bidding system process because it gives you an estimate of your keyword’s worth when setting your maximum bid.

Generate More Leads with Fencing Software

Whether you’re starting your fencing business or are a seasoned business looking to grow, lead generation is what you need. Though it might seem simple at first, generating leads can become complex and challenging, especially when doing it alone.

Approaches like identifying your target audience, PPC advertising, and content marketing can help get leads to your fencing company. Once fence contractors get those leads, they need somewhere to keep track of them. That’s where customized fencing software comes in.

With fence software like JobNimbus, you can input your leads, note where they came from, and mark each step of their journey through your pipeline. It’s easier to manage your leads and give them the attention they need to convince them that your fencing business is the one for them.

What method of fence marketing works best for your fencing company? Let us know in the comments below.

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