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🏔️ Peak Performance 2024 is here. Get the report

4 Content Marketing Pro Tips for the Construction Industry

Direct sales combined with content marketing deliver results you want by positioning you or your company as the go-to for services. When you build a reputation as a resource for your client base, they pay top dollar. It’s easy to respect your expertise when you provide the information clients seek out and when you empower them to make a solid decision based on facts, not gimmicks.

Tip #1: Make your website easy to navigate

A simple, easy to read website design that immediately identifies what you do for your clients is the way to go. No website set up yet? Get on it. According to Blue Corona, 63% of construction customers seek out websites to engage with you while a whopping 30% won’t even consider your company if it does not have an online presence, via a website.

Tip #2: Make it visual with video content

Construction is all about those before and after shots — walk your prospects through the process and show them what they can expect when they hire you. Offer tips and tricks to make their lives easier and let your brand’s voice shine through your video content. Are you going for an informative vibe with a kick of humor? Video content is a great way to deliver your message, your company’s personality, and your unbeatable results with visual appeal. Quick videos personalize your company and makes connecting with you feel more accessible to prospects and past clients alike.

Tip #3: Reviews and testimonials are your friends

You know your customers are sizing you up before they hire you. They want to hear what your past customers have to say about your level of service. Were they satisfied? How did you go above and beyond? Will they hire you again or recommend you to a friend? Keep your reviews and testimonials up to date and highly visible. Make sure you have the following areas of visibility covered:

  • A dedicated testimonials page on your website
  • Yelp page and Google reviews
  • Video testimonials to share across social media

Tip #4: Never underestimate the power of a blog

No, blogs aren’t just for recipes and product reviews. A blog for your construction company delivers customers to your website in an organic way that builds trust before the sale. Your customers are taking their time, following through on their research of local companies because they know construction results are either awe-inspiring or completely devastating. Be a resource for them; answer the questions on their minds and provide the information they’re looking for without the pressure of a direct sale. They’ll come to you because of the value you offer for free, they’ll trust in your expertise, and they’ll hire you. It’s a win all around.

Blogging takes time, there’s no way around it. Consider outsourcing to an article writing service to create your posts for you if you don’t have the time (or talent) to handle your blogging in house.

Help your audience find you by keeping active and visible with your content marketing. A clean, easy to navigate website, informative video content and blogs, and a steady stream of positive customer reviews are sure to keep you busy year-round.

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