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8 Ways The Right CRM For Contractors Can Make You A Better Leader

CRM for contractors makes sense for task management, but what about company leadership? The right CRM, or Customer Relationship Management software, helps contractor businesses and teams like yours grow and evolve in many ways, and you’ll grow right along with them.

CRM For Contractors Can Synergize Your Leadership Efforts

Can technology really be a driving force for something as human as leadership, team morale, and customer relationships? Definitely! Your business involves a ton of moving parts and keeping track of those parts is something technology can be really good at.

In fact, a good CRM designed for contractors may be the missing piece that blends all your leadership efforts. With a solid software tool supporting you and your team:

  • You enjoy strong customer relationships as you leverage organization, information, and automation. The first step in better understanding your customers is to care about what they’ve trusted you with. You set a high standard of customer care when you use, systemize, and maximize customer records and information. It helps you serve that customer from a team perspective. Every member of your team can access and use information captured in a CRM like JobNimbus.
  • You command your customer relationship priorities by strategically aligning your tasks with business goals. Customers want to like you, but they want something else even more. They want the job done right, on-time, and on-budget! When you meet or exceed customer expectations, they will give you business, reviews, and other kudos that support your priorities (which probably have something to do with your bottom line). JobNimbus makes task management a customer relationship management priority.
  • You set the pace as you articulate and systemize your workflows. Have you mapped out all your business processes? Have you really thought about whether they are working as they should? If not, you’re probably not giving customers a reliable experience, which can harm their perception of you. JobNimbus can help you visualize your task pipeline, using a drag-and-drop multi-column view called Boards. Once you do, this CRM for contractors can help you and your team stick to it so every job is handled as it should be.

  • You know the numbers that motivate your sales team. Does your sales team have a clear picture of their performance? Customer relationships begin and continue based on first impressions, so understanding what’s working and what isn’t can help your sales team reach their goals.
  • You see the big picture that allows you to focus on decision-making. CRM for contractors can help you leverage data. JobNimbus helps you connect data with decisions. It allows you to offer reporting that makes sense for specific job roles and individuals. You and your team won’t feel bogged down by numbers. Instead, you’ll see the forest for the trees, thanks to Live Reports. Spend time seeing key information and creating solutions, not wading through unnecessary extras.

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  • You connect with your contractors where and when it matters. CRM for Contractors can help you wherever your business takes you because it can connect you with your team at pivotal times. In the contracting industry, it only makes sense to use a cloud-based solution like JobNimbus. With our software, your team stays connected through mobile, desktop, and web browsers. This really helps your team and also carries through to your customers. Because every representative of your company is connected to the same system, customers get answers faster. In addition, their paperwork is turned around with fewer headaches. And, you’ll probably win more positive reviews and more business when the customer’s vision is better communicated among your team thanks to features like job photos.

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  • You sit in the driver’s seat when it comes to customization. Look for a software tool that offers customization. Your company is unique, and your customers are unique. Customization takes out-of-the-box construction CRM software where it needs to go. With JobNimbus, we’ll work with you to create a custom version of our software that works where you already are, while helping you get to where you want to be.
  • You experience more life balance when you have the right tools working for you. You love your business and you enjoy the work, but it may sometimes feel like too much of a good thing. You already use contractor tools that make onsite jobs easier and less time-consuming. Why not do the same thing at the business level? You’ll be more effective when dealing with customer issues if you have a balanced life—it is possible!

With leadership benefits like these, you can see how it’s not about if but when you will need a robust CRM solution, and you can jump in today. Here’s how:

Small Change, Huge Benefits

You already know that successful change takes strategy. When it comes to finding a CRM for contractors that won’t come with tons of surprises, you need to partner with the right tool.

JobNimbus can give you the organizational benefits you want, which makes leadership simpler and more fun.

We also understand that you don’t want a software tool with a huge learning curve. With JobNimbus, you won’t find yourself worrying over how well your team will adapt to new tools. Our tools can be scaled from small to large. So try our 14-day free trial today, or reach out to us with questions.

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