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Could The Matryoshka Doll Method Work For You?

If you’ve ever decided to go on a diet or know someone who has, you’d have an idea of how many different types of diets there are. Not to mention the exercises that one can combine their diets with. A lot of the success ends up depending on what works best for you.

In project management, there’s a technique sometimes referred to as telescoping. I like to call it the Matryoshka Method (or, Russian Doll Method). It’s a powerful technique that helps you keep everything organized at all times, and it can be found in JobNimbus. It’s done wonders for me in being able to balance all the different things that go on in my busy workday.

The question is: could it work for you, too?

Better Project Management with the Matryoshka Method

One of the most vital qualities of good project management is your ability to keep everything organized. You’re not always going to be at the front line, so you have to make sure everything gets put where it needs to go. Your workflow must be established within a set process.

One way to set up an organization process is through the Matryoshka Method. You create a telescoping ‘folder-in-folder’ arrangement for all your files, photos, financials, documents, tasks, contacts, and jobs.

Just like a Matryoshka doll, each part of your process should fit neatly into another part of the process, and so on until everything is safe and sound in one container. But not altogether like that old box of LEGOs you used to play with. Each piece needs to fit in the right AND the same order every single time, without mistakes.

Even with a process in place, keeping everything organized amid your daily tasks is no simple feat unless there’s a tool to keep it all together. In JobNimbus, this method is perfectly applied:

    • First, you have the contact. That’s your biggest and most prominent doll.
    • Inside that doll, you have the sales workflow. This is where you track your sales process and the status of the lead until you close the sale.
    • At the close of the sale, you move on to another bucket: the job. Here you’ve got a brand new set of dolls inside. This includes estimates, photos, documents, work orders, material orders, tasks, notes, activity, invoices and more, in that order.

Everything fits perfectly into the doll that precedes it, telescoping into a bucketed straight line that leads right to the answer for every question you have. If you follow the process properly and use the tools provided, you won’t have to think about project management anymore. Just set it and forget it.

Need to know what’s going on with a job? You know right where to look. Want to see the last thing that happened on a work order or if an invoice is paid? Just follow the hierarchy back.

Give the Matryoshka Method a try

Roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty, flesh out your process, and plug it into JobNimbus in a logical sequence. Doll after doll, job after job, you can bet that using this method to keep your business process organized will take out the busy work and streamline your project management to perfection.

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