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Benefits Of A Light Weight CRM

Wondering whether light weight CRM or full-featured alternatives are the best software choice for a business like yours?

The truth is, either could be. The most important thing is to get your CRM approach right for your specific situation, whether that means you end up with a light weight CRM tool or something more powerful. Your team will thank you, your customers will thank you, and you’ll thank yourself—because your projects should get easier as you systemize and organize your CRM efforts.

The Case for a Light Weight CRM Tool

Sometimes you don’t need a machine gun to swat a fly! In fact, sometimes a machine gun scares the fly away. That fly could be your customers or it could be your team (not that we’re suggesting you should swat anyone).

The point is, no one wants to deal with processes that are unnecessarily complicated.

So, it can make sense to investigate whether a light weight CRM software option is the right tool for you. Ask yourself: when is the last time your business felt light weight? When is the last time your customer relationship management approach felt light weight?

To that point, here are three specific benefits of a light weight CRM. These can serve as features to keep in mind as you look for an agile but effective tool that truly supports your team’s goals.

1. Built For Cloud And Mobile, Not Just Hefty Desktops!

Here’s where light weight does not have to mean ineffective. A CRM like JobNimbus can be lightweight enough to work on your smartphone. While the desktop version is a powerhouse, a streamlined version is available for mobile (iOS or Android), for free.

Mobile cloud integration means you can see and edit key information even if you don’t have Wi-Fi on a job site. Everything will sync up later once a connection is restored.

You can also access JobNimbus from your favorite web browser. A cloud-based solution can offer more while still feeling like a light weight CRM, because you have the convenience of a remote server supporting you and your team.

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2. Paperwork, Streamlined!

You don’t need massive paperwork interrupting your flow–neither does your crew, not to mention your customers!

Focus on those few essentials that drive results. Estimates or quotes. Contracts. JobNimbus makes it easy to generate essential documents on desktop or mobile. This makes it a snap to send customers documents, collect electronic signatures, and much more.

Plus, a picture says a thousand words, so streamline notes with photos shot right from the JobNimbus mobile app then attach it to the customer’s account.

You also don’t need to re-invent the wheel. Make templates for paperwork you use often. All team members need to do is customize it with relevant job information.

3. Turn-Key Reporting With Custom Potential

Finding a straightforward, light weight CRM that makes reporting a snap can be tricky. Again, JobNimbus offers a solution. With a feature called Live Reports you can analyze your customer-driven data without headaches.

In fact, the Live Reports experience will feel practically turn-key, but with the added bonus of customization when you need it. You’ll have the ability to drill down, filter, sort, and more.

Easy customization. That’s what you’re looking for on a busy day!

The Case For Full-Featured CRM Potential

The best scenario for many businesses may be to use an affordable, full-featured tool like JobNimbus—something that can offer the best of a light weight CRM, as well as the functionality to grow with you. Our more advanced features don’t get in the way of the basics, and you can turn off unnecessary features altogether.

In other words, you can use JobNimbus as a light weight or heavy weight tool. Our software can be the best of both worlds, and we’re here to help you make the most of it.

And, while full-featured customer relationship management software can do a lot, at the end of the day, only you know what level of technology makes sense for your business. Why not try a 14-day free trial to see whether JobNimbus has the right feel and functionality to answer the problems you and your team face?

We think you’ll love what you experience!

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