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Adding Users to JobNimbus in 3 Easy Steps

As simple as adding a team member is in JobNimbus, understanding a few steps and settings can go a long way. Establishing how you will go about adding a team member, then sticking to it consistently, will give you the best results.

This is just one aspect of setting up JobNimbus right so it can have the most positive impact possible, from day one!

3 Easy Steps for Adding a Team Member

First thing you’ll need to do is open your browser and log in. While you can use JobNimbus on-the-go in our mobile app, some tasks like adding a team member need to happen from a browser.

Note: For most of these settings, you will need to be an “administrator”. If you do not have this access level, please contact an admin on your account.

Also, in JobNimbus, users are referred to as team members. So when you’re adding users to JobNimbus, you’re really inviting team members into your company account in order to share schedules, collaborate, and communicate.

1. Go to the Team Tab in Settings

To add a team member, select your name in the upper right, then select Team. This will get you to the area where you’ll be managing your team members.

From there, click the button for Invite Team Member.

2. Enter Team Member Details

Next, fill in the team member’s first name, last name, and email address. Use the Invite Team Member button to save. Or, if you have more users you want to add, select Add & Invite Another Team Member.

That’s it for the initial user add, and if that’s all you need to do then you’re done, but our last step will teach you some cool time-saving tricks.

3. Choose Access Profile and More Through ‘More Options’

It’s a good idea to customize any additional details about the team member you have added.

By default, new users are assigned a Limited access level. This simply means a user can’t view others’ jobs and assignments or change system settings. But what about when you’re adding someone who will manage others, for example? In that case, you probably want that new user to access additional features throughout the system as soon as possible. Take care of it right as you add the user by selecting the More Options link.

From there, you can choose one of two other pre-made access levels: Admin (permission to view all Calendars, Jobs, and Contacts) or Admin with Billing Access (permission for all aspects of your company’s JobNimbus system).

If you need more granular control, you can customize your Access Profiles or create new ones to assign to your team members.

So, in the case of you adding a new user who manages others, you might just choose the Admin access level, or create a Manager level with Full Access. This allows your manager to supervise others without giving full access to customize your JobNimbus account.

Strengthening Teams by Managing the Details

As you manage your team’s system details, that team becomes stronger. Not only will each team member have access to relevant information when they need it, but communication throughout your organization will feel more orderly and seamless.

In addition, your customers will be able to feel the synergy this kind of organization creates. So, the details—even something as “small” as onboarding new users in JobNimbus—can lead to greater benefits for each team member, as well as your company’s bottom line!

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