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5 Ideas for Construction Team-Building Activities

Companies with an engaged culture generate more revenue than businesses with poor work cultures. According to Gallup research, companies that prioritize work culture and employee experience see a 33% increase in revenue.

One great way to cultivate culture at your company is through fun team-building activities. Work activities bring a lot of value to your team. Team-building activities can help employees:

  • Feel more invested at work.
  • Stay engaged at work.
  • Boost their motivation.
  • Build meaningful relationships and trust with their team.

Workplace activities not only build company culture but help your team develop different skills, such as:

  • Problem-solving
  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution

Now that you understand the importance of team building and company culture, let’s dive into some activities you can plan.

5 Team-Building Activities for Construction Companies

You don’t need to hire an event planner or professional facilitator to successfully host a great team-building event. Here are five simple team-building activities you can plan for your company.

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1. Blind Building

Recommended group size: Teams of three
Estimated time: 30 minutes
Materials needed: Legos, Jenga blocks, or popsicle sticks

This activity is all about building trust and communication between team members. In the blind building activity, each team tries to recreate one model object. However, only one team member can briefly look at the model.

The individual who sees the object cannot physically help build it—they can only use words to help their team recreate the model. To prepare for this activity, choose what materials you want to use:

Create a structure using the material of your choice. Ensure you have enough materials for each group to build the same structure.

Divide your group into teams of at least three people. When you’re ready to start, bring one individual from each group to view the model for about 15 seconds. Once they’re done, they will return to their group and start instructing the others how to recreate the object.

Give teams 5–7 minutes to build the object. Once the timer runs out, reveal the model to the group and review each team’s attempt at making it.

2. Game Night

Recommended group size: 4+
Estimated time: 1 hour
Materials needed: Various games

Plan a game night and encourage everyone to bring a game they love. Depending on your group size, you may need to set up a few game stations to ensure everyone can participate.

Here are some board and card games for a variety of group sizes:

3. Construction Trivia

Recommended group size: Any
Estimated time: 30 minutes
Materials needed: Trivia questions

Who doesn’t love trivia night? This activity is fun because you can include trivia questions about your company, recent jobs, or ongoing inside jokes with the team. Additionally, you can add questions about your construction industry and test everyone’s knowledge.

To make planning even more accessible, consider using a free online tool like Kahoot!, which lets you create quizzes and track scores.

4. Two Truths and a Lie

Recommended group size: 4+
Estimated time: 15–20 minutes
Materials needed: None

This classic game requires very little setup time. Everyone in the group shares two truths and a lie about themselves. The others must guess what the lie is. This activity is a great way to get to know people better.

Two Truths and a Lie is a quick and easy activity to play at a team lunch or a fun way to start a staff meeting.

5. Quiet Organizing

Recommended group size: 15–20
Estimated time: 10–15 minutes
Materials needed: None

In this activity, the goal is to organize everyone in a line based on a set parameter. But there’s a catch—you can’t say anything out loud. You can organize from youngest to oldest, birthdays or hire dates, etc.

Since they can’t speak, group members can hold up their fingers to indicate a number or find another creative way to communicate.

Commit to Your Company Culture, Boost Your Business

Team building can increase trust and communication. As you plan workplace activities, consider the personalities of your team members. You know your staff best. Choose an activity that will play to their strengths and challenge their weaknesses.

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