JobNimbus flew under the radar during our early days while we meticulously leveled up our product and our team. We knew we were building something special that was really helping our customers. By early 2020, we had emerged as one of the fastest growing companies and best places to work in Utah- yet we still had aspirations to be better as a company and as a place to work, as well as provide more value to our customers. As we jump headfirst into 2021, we’ve got new resources to help us do just that. We couldn’t be more excited to announce that we’ve received a growth equity investment of $53 million from Mainsail Partners to allow us to further expand our product, integrations, and customer service capabilities.

How It All Began

Though we have customers across many different types of home services, we got our start with roofers. JobNimbus’ original founding team included Nick Wood, Jason Wood, and myself. In 2012, we met up with a few roofing companies in Colorado from a mutual friend’s introduction. After our first few conversations with these companies, we realized a couple of things: 1) They were really struggling to use the poor software options available to them; 2) Nobody with truly great software skills was trying to solve their problems. Back then, a lot of the brain power in software companies was being used to figure out how to make websites like Facebook run faster. We wanted to do something more meaningful.

If there is one thing we know well, it’s how to build and scale software. We saw an opportunity to create something that could really make a meaningful impact for these contractors. By 2013, we had a first version of JobNimbus in their hands. They were using the software daily and getting some really impressive results. JobNimbus was helping them to be more organized, efficient, professional, and profitable, which stimulated amazing growth for these contracting businesses. The growth numbers were just astounding. That’s when our company mission became clear: We were making contractors heroes.

The Wild Ride

By 2014, we were seeing rapid growth in both our customers and our team. Early on, we knew that the future of construction software was interoperability, so we invested heavily in integrating with the best software companies in our industry. Today, we have the largest partner ecosystem that gives our customers more choices and customization than anyone else.

By spending time with and really getting to know our home services contractors, we realized early on that the key to success is to make the software easy to use and be an extension of their preferred processes. It has to be push-a-button simple. It has to do more with less. And it has to be quick to learn. A majority of our product resources have focused on exactly that: simplicity. I won’t lie, this was not an easy task. Making software simple is actually one of the hardest things a developer has to grapple with. By 2017, JobNimbus had set itself apart by being the most easy to use and customizable solution in the market.

Over the past 2 years, we’ve experienced rapid growth. Our team has more than doubled each year, and our customer base has massively expanded during this time as well. By 2020, we knew we were destined to go even further.

Why We Chose Mainsail Partners

We met Mainsail back in 2014 and have kept in touch ever since. They immediately connected with our company mission. Because of their experience with other investments in these markets, they knew our customer and saw the incredible impact we were making and the good we were doing for this underserved group of customers. 

As we updated Mainsail on our progress over the subsequent years, we got to know their team. Several things impressed us: 1) Their team is top notch – really good people with a ton of experience; 2) The owner/operators in their portfolio companies are extraordinarily dynamic and driven individuals; 3) Their reputation in the market is impeccable. Most of all, they aligned with our vision and were 100% behind our goals.

Big Things Ahead

The secret to our early success and something we’ve had as a core value of our company from day one is being customer-obsessed. Customers drive our decisions and our product, and they are always our top consideration. With our new injection of capital, we will be able to fully expand our customer service and training capabilities. We have some exciting announcements coming that will take our customer experience to even greater heights.

We have planned some spectacular new features and capabilities, and now we have the resources to execute on those plans faster. We’re investing in our product more than ever. We have new experiences, features, and capabilities coming that are going to absolutely wow our customers and help them grow their businesses.

We’re hiring. We have a marvelous team and a company culture second-to-none but we need more rock stars to accomplish our goals. If you are looking for a place that’s unique and special, where what you do everyday makes an impact, and a place where you can be proud of a product that is truly doing good in the world and helping people achieve their dreams, we need you. Come join us.

As proud as I am about what we’ve accomplished so far, even bigger things are ahead. We’ve helped grow thousands of contracting businesses. We’ve helped to create thousands of new contracting jobs. But we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible. Our home services contractors have big dreams and so do we. I couldn’t be more thrilled for the future as we work to achieve those dreams together.

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