Contractors need construction CRM roofing software that works the way they do. After all, the last thing you want to worry about on a busy day is whether your tools are right for the job!

Choose the best construction CRM roofing software for your business from the get-go. We’ll help you know what to look for so you can avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

Your roofing projects involve a lot of moving parts. Choose a construction CRM roofing software tool with project management and customer relationship management features. More specifically, look for usable, team-focused, and results-driven solutions.

JobNimbus On All Your Devices

1) Usable

We’ve all used software that comes with a hefty learning curve. Who has time for that? Your team shouldn’t need extensive training to use powerful construction CRM roofing software.

Instead, use a simple yet supercharged tool that works for you—not the other way around! Spend less time managing projects, delegating tasks, organizing contacts, or other details.

How JobNimbus Gets It Done: Job Nimbus keeps it simple, with intuitive screens that make sense. Find all the tools you need in straightforward menus and settings.

See where tasks are at a glance on easy-to-use boards. Invoice a customer with a few clicks or taps. Take advantage of free training on your schedule. Your team will feel ready after a few quick lessons.

No hunting for buttons while the customer waits. Use the straightforward mobile app with confidence.

No sorting through unused features to find the ones you really need. Back in the office, customize the feature-dense desktop software to your preferences.

Choosing the Best Construction CRM Roofing Software for Your Business

2) Team-focused

A construction CRM roofing software solution must be collaborative. After all, your reputation for problem-solving and professionalism is on the line. Look for construction CRM roofing software that supports good record-keeping and communication.

Specifically, a good construction CRM roofing software solution helps contractors streamline their tracking, accountability, and employee management. It also needs to be reliable in the office or in the field.

How JobNimbus Gets It Done: Let JobNimus help you win repeat business by unifying your team’s efforts. As a cloud-based solution for mobile and desktop, JobNimbus keeps your team connected everywhere. Customers can feel it when your team is on the same page. With your team connected by a powerful customer relationship management and project management tool like JobNimbus, your customers will be much more likely to stay connected to your business.

JobNimbus Sales Demo

3) Results-driven

Finally, construction CRM roofing solutions should ultimately help you improve your bottom line. You certainly have other outcomes you want to accomplish, but each of those comes down to the one that makes you a business: your bottom line.

How JobNimbus Gets It Done: JobNimbus helps roofers and other construction contractors quantify results. Features include detailed reporting that integrates with other tools you use, like SalesRabbit or QuickBooks. JobNimbus also offers custom reports. On your custom dashboard, display the information that matters most to you, such as sales numbers or other metrics, on your custom dashboard. You will see the information you use most as soon as you log in.

By keeping key metrics front and center, JobNimbus helps roofing companies succeed again and again.

JobNimbus: Construction CRM Roofing Software That Gets it Done

As a usable, team-focused, results-driven solution, JobNimbus leads the pack. Remember, JobNimbus is a construction CRM roofing software solution that includes project management as well as customer relationship management power tools, which means you won’t run into feature holes or setbacks. Our roofing software helps you take care of the details so your business can succeed.

At the end of the day, nothing substitutes for giving tools a spin. Try job Nimbus for free with a 14-day free trial, etc.

See JobNimbus in Action

Companies who use JobNimbus increase their annual revenue by 43%. Your company could be next.

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