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When we meet with a customer or take a phone call, the last thing in the world we want to do is jump through all the hoops and crawl through all the bookkeeping that always follows close behind.

Eventually, we get sloppy or lazy, or we even forget all the details before we have the chance to push them to our CRM or job management software.

But since your contact info and interactions are so important to the overall relationship with a new lead or customer, you can’t afford to lose out on this crucial part of your process.

But why am I telling you this? You know you need to get this information down. The thing that’s holding you back is the way to get that info into your construction management software.


Contact management gets a lot better 


Tip #1: Use the ever-present + Add Contact button.

In most CRMs, you have to go to the contacts page to add a new contact.

In JobNimbus, no matter where you are, there is always a button to add a new contact at the top of your screen.

No need to hit the back button, navigate to a new screen, or search in a different tab. It’s always there to help you start a new contact entry at any time. Use it when you get a phone call or need to jot down a contact’s info on the spot.

Tip #2: Only put in what’s necessary, and any extras you want

A lot of CRMs can give you “new contact anxiety” just because of the sheer number of required fields you have to fill out before being able to hit “save.”

Not so in JobNimbus. In fact, you only need to fill out one of three fields before saving: First Name -or- Last Name -or- Company.

That’s it.

What’s more, JobNimbus auto-fills some fields like Sales Rep, Assigned To, Type, and Status so you don’t have to manually set those with every new contact.

All those onesie-twosies with just a name are no longer going to have to sit around until you get more information, and your CRM won’t be filled with made-up or slapped together info.

Tip #3: Get the zip, forget the rest

Postal Code Auto Fill in JobNimbus CRM and Project Management SoftwareWhen you’re asking for a new lead’s address, you can save yourself a couple of fields; namely, the City and State.

You don’t need to worry about asking your lead about these because JobNimbus will auto-fill the City and State fields when you enter the postal code.

It just makes it that much easier to get in and get out, helping you with customer management by keeping track of all of your leads and customers quickly and efficiently.

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Your company could be next.

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