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Working smart and hard can result in returns you can be proud of. Every year, a new batch of sales people joins the ranks of the veterans to chase the gold rush of storm restoration.

The question is, will you strike it big, or strike out?

There are some important things about roofing sales that you should consider so that you can improve your chances of knocking your sales out of the park.

These are some things that some might consider sales 101. They’re important things about roofing sales that are easily forgotten.

Remember These Important Things About Roofing Sales

Sell when people are home

This seems like it would be a no-brainer, but if people are all at work then there is no sense in beating on doors. Unless, of course, you’re into low margins.

Not that it is a complete waste of your time; you can find some people at home during the day. It’s just that you have a greater chance of finding decision makers at home in the afternoon/evening.

Educate and be educated, don’t sell

Spend the time listening and getting the customer to share their concerns. Only then you can solve their problems and explain to them what is going to happen.

When they start to experience the things you have described, your customer is less likely to freak out.

Remember, this is their home you’re talking about. This is the single largest investment they have made.

Take interest in them and their home. It will go a long way for you.

Clean up your act

You need to smell good, look good, and watch your language. These are all things your mother should have told you.

In this case, cleaning up your act means, cleaning up your processes. Your customer needs to know that you are going to be handling their information with care.

It doesn’t look so professional to ask the same questions over and over, or to call up your customer to ask them if they have a copy of a contract.

Use of a system like JobNimbus allows you to capture photos, documents, and log important notes on site, all while having real-time communication to the office.

This shows, much like your personal image, that you care and that you are organized. Basically, you are projecting to the customer that you have your act together.

Good Sales Requires a Whole Bunch of Important Things

Sales is a tough profession. It takes a lot of effort, and it is a science that takes some time to learn.

Taking some time to prepare will increase your productivity.

Hedging your bets, by doing some things correctly right out of the gate, will get you ahead of the game.

Companies who use JobNimbus increase their annual revenue by 43%.

Your company could be next.

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