Close More Leads With a CRM for Contractors

Enough of the fluff – let’s get to the nitty gritty: What really matters in a business is money. How much did we spend? What was our ROI? How much did we earn? What’ll be in our budget?

Everything we do in business revolves around finding profit on an investment. Therefore, nothing should be more important to a business than turning leads into sales, resulting in cash-flow and eventually profit. For contractors, it’s no different.

Now, how can you turn leads into profit? Every new lead is an open door. Your job is to close that door before the lead walks out on you. With the help of a CRM for contractors, you can close more leads than ever before.

Closing More Leads with a CRM for Contractors

What do you normally do when you get a new lead? You probably write it down somewhere, maybe even in a fancy Excel spreadsheet. Then you likely forget about it, or you lose track of what stage they’re in.

With a lot of practice and discipline, you might actually fumble through the entire process and make it out alive. However, if you’re not using a CRM for contractors to manage your new leads, you’re missing out on automating the entire process and closing a much higher percentage of leads.


CRMs Are Automated

CRMs are built for this stuff. A CRM for contractors is specifically designed to automate the entire sales process from point A (contact) to point B (final sale) to point C (return sale). They are built to make the entire process simple and mindless, taking all the work off of your shoulders, plus adding some more features to boot.

Some of those features are:

  • Detailed information tracking on new leads
  • Custom reports on leads with lead statuses
  • Reminders for past due leads so you can follow up
  • Mobile apps to make sure you don’t miss anything in the field

These features make the sales process smooth and flawless, allowing you to make the most of your new leads.

By taking advantage of the automation options available in a job management software, contractors can take calls or emails from new leads, plug them right into the CRM, fill out all the contact information they can, and just continue using their existing processes and great service to fulfill that job.

A good CRM for contractors will notify you if a lead has been in the system for too long without any actions taken, or if you have an opportunity to get back in touch with a lead you’ve helped a few months ago.

The best thing about a construction management software is that, like mentioned above, it’s all automatic. It removed the guess work from taking advantage of new leads and, what’s more, it even helps you get more out of each lead.

Closing Leads Made Easy With a CRM for Contractors

Every new lead stands right by an open door. To close the lead, you have to find a way to close the door. Usually, the best way to catch a great lead is to get the lead to shut the door for themself.

So, how exactly can a computer program help one of your new leads shut the door? It all goes back to easy use and automation. By having everything in front of you in one place, a CRM for contractors will easily take in all the info you can get from the new lead. People love easy and hassle-free; that’s why they buy from infomercials on TV.

If you can make their signup process as easy as possible, you will already have them in your system before they can turn towards the door. Then, the CRM will move to the next step of the sales process and help you narrow down the needs and wants of the new lead and how your product/service can solve their problems. 

The best way to see how a job management software can help contractors to close more leads is to get in one, apply your current sales and job process, and watch your lead base grow daily. While having a CRM can cost, the return on investment is powerful.

After all, leads are profit, but only if you can close that door.

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