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vs. JobProgress

JobNimbus is one of the most trusted JobProgress alternatives with everything you need to run your contractor company. From tracking leads to creating estimates and scheduling appointments, JobNimbus has powerful features to save you time.

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Roofing CRM Sales for Mobile and Web - JobNimbus

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JobNimbus vs JobProgress

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JobNimbus and JobProgress both provide support to their users. When you use JobNimbus, you can find the answers you’re looking for on the JobNimbus Knowledge Base or get help from a technical support agent. Reach support via email, phone, or chat to get personalized support.

JobNimbus and JobProgress let you create contacts to organize your customers. JobNimbus also lets you set and assign appointments right on the contact’s profile, so you have everything you need to know about your contact in one place.
See notifications for your jobs when you use JobProgress or JobNimbus. JobNimbus provides immediate notifications on both the desktop and mobile app, so you never miss an update. Keep everyone on your team informed with real-time notifications.
Boost your sales team’s success with sales features on JobNimbus and JobProgress. JobNimbus has a sales dashboard that gives you an eagle-eye view of your company’s sales. See how many leads you have, which of your sales reps is the most productive, the average deal size, and more.
Get helpful reports when you use JobProgress or JobNimbus. JobNimbus’s report builder gives you the power to find reliable, up-to-date data with a click. Create custom reports or use contractor essentials prebuilt into the system.

JobNimbus and JobProgress both offer automations for emails. JobNimbus also has automations for sending notifications or updating your tasks. Use contractor favorites or set custom automations to make the system work for your processes.

You can keep your automations as simple or complex as you need. Combine multiple tasks into one automated action, so everything works together at the press of a single button.

“It’s the best CRM I’ve used. One of the best features is that it imports estimates into QuickBooks desktop. It integrates well with QB. It has useful APIs like Zapier and Roof Scope.”
Lisa C.
R. E. Bengel Sheet Metal

See Why JobNimbus Is the #1 JobProgress Alternative

Conquer your project management, free up time, and earn more than ever with JobNimbus features built for contractors like you.
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Mobile App

JobNimbus works online or on the app for both iOS and Android. Take the contractor software you need wherever you go, and always have access to your team and customer information.

Automatically sync information between your computer, tablet, and smartphone for real-time updates, no matter where you are.

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Get best-of-class estimating with JobNimbus Estimates.

Build your estimates directly in the software, then put them right alongside your designs for accurate budgeting and job costing. Save your estimate as a template so you can save time on your next bid. You’ll make professional estimates with accurate information every time.

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Get your team and subcontractors on the same page with simple scheduling. Use the JobNimbus Calendar to organize all your appointments, phone calls, meetings, work orders, and material orders.

Toggle between daily, weekly, and monthly views to see everything going on in your business at a glance.

“JobNimbus is one of the best tools I have. If I do have any issues or questions, customer service is always very prompt to fix and/or answer.”
Doug F.
Elite Master Contractors


JobNimbus integrates with popular industry solutions to put all your work in one convenient place. Save more time, cut out double entries, and keep your information accurate across the board.

Get the right roofing software to power your business.

If you’re looking for simple and efficient JobProgress alternatives, try JobNimbus. JobNimbus is fit for any contractor looking to build their business, grow their customer base, and save more time. Begin your 14-day free trial of JobNimbus—no credit card required.