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vs. Jobber

Organize and grow your contractor company with JobNimbus, the award-winning Jobber alternative. JobNimbus has everything you need to run your contractor company, from estimates and calendars to payments and reports.

See the difference for yourself and try JobNimbus today for free!

Roofing CRM Sales for Mobile and Web - JobNimbus

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450 reviews


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JobNimbus vs Jobber

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Whether you use JobNimbus or Jobber, you can receive payments from your customers. With JobNimbus, you can accept e-checks, credit cards, debit cards, and more.

JobNimbus also integrates with several payment partners to make collecting payments easier than ever.

JobNimbus and Jobber have mobile apps. Access all the business information you need in the office or at the job site.

The JobNimbus mobile app even works offline, so you and your team can keep working from anywhere.

Like Jobber, JobNimbus offers texting functionality through the software. JobNimbus texting makes it easy to start conversations with new or existing customers. You can assign a conversation to a customer, get instant notifications, and respond in record time.

Both JobNimbus and Jobber provide technical support to their users. All JobNimbus customers can access knowledgeable, friendly technical support experts via phone, chat, and email.

Reach out to get personalized help from those who know the system best.

Using JobNimbus or Jobber will give you an eagle-eye view into your company’s sales and leads. JobNimbus’s report builder provides reliable, up-to-date data with a click. Use premade report templates or customize a report of your own.

Get paid faster for the work you do with Jobber or JobNimbus. JobNimbus invoicing is the only tool you need to create quick, accurate invoices. Personalize the invoice with your company’s logo, name, and phone number. Add item descriptions, quantities, and prices. You can even add notes directly to the invoice. Leave a comment for the customer or write a note that only your team can see.

JobNimbus also makes it easy to see if—and when—an invoice was sent or paid.

“Easy to use. I have used 3 other CRMs, and JobNimbus is easily the best.”
Tony S.
Roof Nurse

See Why JobNimbus is the #1 Jobber Alternative

Conquer project management, free up time, and earn more than ever with JobNimbus features built for contractors like you.

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Get your team and subcontractors on the same page with simple scheduling. Use the JobNimbus Calendar to organize all your appointments, phone calls, meetings, work orders, and material orders.

Toggle between daily, weekly, and monthly views to see everything going on in your business at a glance.

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Get best-of-class estimating with JobNimbus Estimates.

Build your estimates directly in the software, then put them right alongside your designs for accurate budgeting and job costing. Save your estimate as a template so you can save time on your next bid. You’ll make professional estimates with accurate information every time.

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JobNimbus has automations that will cut out your busywork, like sending notifications or updating your tasks. Use contractor favorites or set custom automations to make the system work for your processes.

You can keep your automations as simple or complex as you need. Combine multiple tasks into one automated action, so everything works together at the press of a single button.

“JobNimbus has saved me 40 hours/week, and I’m doing the jobs of 2 part-time people that are no longer here, too. I used to work 100 hours/week, and now I work 60.”
Charles S.
Schneider Roofing


JobNimbus integrates with popular industry solutions to put all your work in one convenient place. Save more time, cut out double entries, and keep your information accurate across the board.

Get the right roofing software to power your business.

JobNimbus is the top Jobber alternative fit for any contractor looking to build their business, grow their customer base, and save more time. Begin your 14-day free trial of JobNimbus—no credit card required.