🏔️ Peak Performance 2024 is here. Get the report
🏔️ Peak Performance 2024 is here. Get the report

Order roofing materials directly from Roof Hub

  • Connect JobNimbus to your Roof Hub account
  • Get realtime pricing for exact estimating
  • Submit orders directly for SRS materials
  • Get delivery updates for your production schedule

14-day trial—no credit card required.

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Realtime Pricing

Realtime pricing for accurate estimates

  • Connect your Roof Hub account to import live pricing from your local SRS Distribution branch.
  • Use SRS products from Roof Hub in Smart Estimates to build accurate estimates in seconds.
  • Know what’s in stock before you commit to an install date.
SRS Distribution Realtime Pricing JobNimbus
SRS Distribution JobNimbus Integration Settings
Roof Hub Integration

Send orders directly to Roof Hub

No more monkey in the middle and no more faxing. The Roof Hub + JobNimbus integration lets you send your orders directly to your SRS Distribution branch, making material ordering faster and easier than ever

Delivery Notifications

Know exactly when your materials will arrive

There’s nothing better than tracking your Amazon packages, and Roof Hub from SRS gives you that same peace of mind.

Now, you’ll know when your materials will be delivered, making production scheduling easier.

SRS Roof Hub JobNimbus Delivery Notifications

The SRS integration is now available. Schedule a time to get started today.

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Material orders from SRS Distribution are just the beginning. Transform your whole business with the #1 roofing platform.