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  • Grows revenue by 43% on average

  • Save 8 hours per person per week

  • Collect 25% more payments

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Be more organized

  • Live pricing

  • Calculate material and labor on the go

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About how much time does the integration save you?

“It saves about an hour a day”

-David Belviy

Save Time

Customers save 8 hours per week per employee on average

Increase Revenue

Customers increase annual revenue by 43% on average

No more leads slipping through the cracks

Customers eliminate 95% of lost leads on average
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Be more profitable

  • Regain lost jobs when you are organized

  • Get paid because you know who owes you money

  • See who is productive and who is not


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Send Orders Directly To Beacon

  • Track orders in real time

  • Materials available at local branch

  • Materials arrive on production day


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JobNimbus Features automations reports calendar tasks paperless fast estimates


It’s a win-win situation, no matter which way you look at it.

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Beacon + JobNimbus Brings Productivity

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Empower your sales, production, managers, and office.

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