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Smart Estimates

JobNimbus Brings You More Profitability with Accurate Estimates

Fewer mistakes

Take manual errors and inconsistencies out of your restoration estimates. Estimating in JobNimbus ensures that you make a profit. Enter your cost, then add your desired price. The software will let you know the markup, so you never underestimate your projects again.

Work smarter

JobNimbus Estimates also let you save your completed estimates as a template, so you can build more professional quotes in record time. Once you complete an estimate, save it right to your customer’s file. You’ll be able to reference it when you need it and share it with an insurance adjuster to provide documentation of damages.

Mobile App

Run Your Business Wherever You Are with the Mobile App

JobNimbus has worked with restoration industry experts to build a simple customer relationship management (CRM) app to support the needs of contractors all over the world. The best part about JobNimbus is that it’s mobile-ready, so you can do everything from the office, a coffee shop, or a beach in Maui.

The industry-leading mobile app has paved the way for restoration contractors to get more done from anywhere. Use the JobNimbus mobile app to do all this and more on your phone or tablet:


Crush Your Competition with Insights from Reports

Discover where you can grow and outdo your competitors. JobNimbus Reports give you the visibility you need to make sound business decisions. Keep track of your margin to ensure that your prices are competitive and profitable.

Reports will help you see where your leads are coming from, so you can put your resources where there’s the most opportunity.

“I am the owner of a family-owned and operated Insurance Restoration start-up company and I can not be more pleased with the capabilities of JobNimbus. If you are looking to grow, scale or you just simply want to organize your customer list/projects, this CRM takes the cake.”
Travis F.
The Helping Co.


Reduce Busywork & Improve Efficiency with Automations

Automations save you time by systematizing essential tasks. Set the rules for an automation and forget about it because you’ll never have to handle it manually again.

JobNimbus has two types of automation to keep your business running smoothly: time-based and event-based.

Time based automations

Time-based automations will happen at a set time. For example, you can make an automation for the system to automatically email your customers to ask for a review the day after you finish their restoration project.

Event based automations

Event-based automations will run when a specific action happens. For example, you can set an automation for the system to email your customer when you receive their full payment.


Keep Your Business Consistent with Forms

Create processes and checklists

Set processes that everyone follows and get things done faster with Forms. Make sure that things get done the same way every time, no matter who does it. Create a checklist of everything your team needs to do during an inspection, so you don’t have to make multiple trips to the job site.

Easily document everything

Get insurance information, take pictures of damages, and leave notes about the restoration project all in one form. You and your team can access that form throughout the restoration process for easy reference.

Use Integrations to Simplify Your Work into One Place

With JobNimbus, you can build large jobs from the ground up on one platform. JobNimbus connects to other software tools like QuickBooks, Global Payments Integrated, and Sunlight
Financial for efficient work. Integrations make it possible to do everything in one spot, like:

“Love the multifunctionality, ease of access, and cross-platform communication.”
Christina F.
Bingham Restoration

Save your fencing company an average of 8 hours per employee per week.

How does JobNimbus streamline your business without requiring more hiring/additional resources?

JobNimbus is a restoration software for contractors.

We’ve helped restoration contractors just like you move away from the constant grind of running a restoration business. JobNimbus helps you manage new leads, set up new customers, track jobs, store documents, assign schedules, and manage all your work from one single place, so you can spend your time on what’s most important.

Restoration software unlocks:

  • Higher productivity
  • Better organization
  • Full mobility
  • Greater profitability
Take the next step to evolve your restoration company.

JobNimbus is the leading project management software for restoration experts. Organize your business, streamline your projects, and save your time. Start today with a 14-day free trial.

Grow your business

JobNimbus is more than software—it’s a true growth accelerator. Boost efficiency and maximize profit with the simple, all-in-one tool.

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