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Giving Time Back to Remodeling Contractors

Join thousands of contractors using JobNimbus to save valuable time and do the things they love.

JobNimbus user Kevin Kleemann of Affordable Remodelers says,

"Now that we have JobNimbus, we have a place to funnel all our customers, a place to keep track of our customers."

Save Your Time by Upgrading Your Remodeling Business Processes

With software for remodeling contractors, you can organize any home improvement project with ease. You’ll generate higher quality leads, empower your teams, and deliver incredible customer service. Best of all, you can put more time into being with friends or family and growing your business.

Most Popular Time-Saving Tools for Remodeling Companies


Make fast remodeling estimates even while you’re in the field. Learn more


See your finances, projected revenue, and sales leads for better transparency. Learn more


Keep all your tasks in one place and make sure everything gets done. Learn more

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Make Fast Residential Remodeling Estimates

Speed up estimates so you can win more bids! The JobNimbus estimating software for remodeling is cloud-based to help you calculate materials and labor on the go. You can also save your estimate as a template for repeat use, saving you time and hassle.


Get Instant Insights into Revenue with Reports

Keep track of and project revenue. See exactly how much you’re spending and earning on any given project. Remodeling contractor software lets you know your bottom line at any given time.

“Very easy to use. Customer service is very friendly. The software is very friendly to their users too.”
Tim G.
Thomas Jefferson Roofing & Remodeling


Keep Your Jobs Moving Forward with Boards

See where your team is at with a project, so you know what needs to get done next. Identify bottlenecks to help move jobs through your workflow. Drag and drop a task from one column of the board into the next for real-time transparency.


Use the Mobile App to Run Your Remodeling Company from Anywhere

Renovation software is online and has all your customer information whenever you need it. JobNimbus runs even when you don’t have a signal. Get vital information while in the field and cut down office calls.

“The web based software keeps me in line by keeping up with all my customers, projects, and budgets. I do not see myself doing what I do as a professional without JobNimbus.”
Rudolph T.
Black Knight Contracting LLC

Skyrocket Your Remodeling Company

Get the most out of your remodeling business with JobNimbus. This user-friendly software for remodeling contractors makes running your business easy.
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Make Your Work Easier

JobNimbus is the leading project management software for remodeling experts. Organize your business, streamline your projects, and save your time. Start today with a 14-day free trial.