Concrete Estimation, Sales, & Project Management Software

Manage your concrete & masonry business with estimating, scheduling, project management, and QuickBooks sync, on the web or on the go.

Concrete Estimation Made Easy

Do all your concrete estimating and bidding right from JobNimbus. Estimate costs, build estimates with your products & services, then send an invoice with one click.

The best part is it all syncs with QuickBooks Desktop & Online to give you a seamless billing experience for your concrete business.

Take Photos With The App For iOS & Android

Photos are the best way to keep a record of your jobs at every stage of the process.

Usually, this is a very complicated process. But, if you’re doing concrete & cement jobs with JobNimbus, it’s easy to quickly take a bunch of pictures for takeoffs or project summaries, and they’ll all sync up to the office immediately.

You can even share them with the customer or general contractor with one click.

Track Sales To Grow Your Concrete Business

To grow your concrete business, you need to constantly backfill your pipeline with opportunities. From there, JobNimbus makes it easy to track sales. You get a digital whiteboard to track your entire pipeline and know where everything is at.

You know which leads to focus on, which customers need attention, and which jobs are stalling.

Use Shared Calendars To Track Concrete Jobs

Even though you’re out at the job site, you still need to know what’s going on with your other crews. Whether it’s an estimation or you’re pouring a new patio slab, you can schedule everything with JobNimbus. And, thanks to the mobile calendar, your crews will always know where to go each day. Separate job types by concrete, cement, asphalt, or by driveway, foundation, and patio. It’s totally customizable.

Build Contracts & Proposals, Get Signatures

Create your contracts and concrete estimates directly on our iOS/Android app. Get these, plus your concrete designs signed off by the customer or GC even if you bring your designs from another app.

And, thanks to unlimited storage, you can keep all your important documents in one convenient, searchable place forever.

Keep Track Of Time, Activity, & Notes

There are too many moving parts in a concrete company to be able to keep it all in your head. That’s why JobNimbus gives you complete visibility so you can know where everything is at and what your crews are working on.

Track time worked, progress notes, and job activity to help your team communicate and get those slabs poured in time.

Automate Everything In Your Concrete Business

You’ve got enough on your plate already. JobNimbus makes it easy to automatically create tasks or send notifications, allowing you to run your business without lifting a finger.

Set reminders, or just let your process run itself so you can just keep working while making sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Sync With QuickBooks Desktop or Online

With JobNimbus, you can sync everything including:

  • Estimates
  • Invoices
  • Products & Services
  • Payments

Choose either a 2-way or 1-way sync. No more double-entry. Keep your accountant up-to-date automatically.

Growth is our specialty

On average, JobNimbus users see…

0 %
Revenue growth
Hours saved per person per week
0 %
More payments collected
Thanks for producing a great program and the quick help and responses on set up!
J.J. Hedden
Peak To Peak Roofing & Exteriors

Integrated solutions

Work becomes easy with integrated solutions. JobNimbus integrates with a suite of tools to make your business efficient. Get up to date pricing on materials with Beacon, quickly sync accounting data with Quickbooks and even offer your customers creative ways to finance with Sunlight Financial. All resulting in getting more done with less time.

It is really bringing true organization, & helps all stay in sync.
Nathan Harris
Thomas Jefferson Roofing

And much more…

With JobNimbus as your concrete software, you’ll have an end-to-end solution for your concrete business.


Less busy work with a digital personal assistant.


Financial visibility, project revenue, hold your team accountable.


Get to the right place at the right time.


Improve scheduling and job accuracy.


Contracts, invoices, estimates, material orders, and work orders.

Photo Archive

Get the right photo on the right job


Optimize processes. Increase job capacity and efficient.


Info everywhere and anywhere. Real time visibility.


Know your customers, never lose a lead.

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