Project Management & CRM Software: How it Works

JobNimbus really is unique. We’ve combined project management and CRM into one amazing application. With JobNimbus, you can take a customer from initial lead all the way through production and final billing. And JobNimbus is customizable so if you are only in need of a few project management or CRM capabilities, you can configure JobNimbus to match your business needs.

Something for everyone and everything.

JobNimbus is built to be the only tool you need to manage customers and projects. With advanced tools and features, you’ll be able to find all sorts of ways to use JobNimbus.

One place for all your contacts

  • Make notes so you don’t have to remember
  • Track email and phone communication
  • See everything happening with your contacts in one view

Track leads and proposals

  • Move leads through your sales process
  • Focus on your best potentials
  • Make sure no one slips through the cracks

Estimate your projects

  • Manage a list of your products & services
  • Build an estimate in seconds
  • Share estimates with clients or insurance agents with one click

Turn a lead into a job

  • Store documents and photos
  • Get notified at each stage of a job
  • Move your jobs towards completion

Create tasks to get things done

  • Link tasks to jobs or contacts
  • Get email reminders when tasks are coming due
  • Assign tasks to team members, sub-contractors, and more

Collaborate with everyone

  • Share job info with customers, insurance agents, and sub-contractors
  • Decide what to share and for how long
  • Allow anyone to add notes on your jobs

Invoicing and payments

  • Convert an estimate to an invoice in one click.
  • Create multiple invoices and make adjustments on the fly.
  • Log full or partial payments, track paid and open invoices.

Build effective reports

  • View your complete sales pipeline.
  • Make sure jobs are moving toward completion.
  • Build your own custom reports, add them to your dashboard.

Easy to learn. Simple to use.

After years of experience, we’ve built JobNimbus to be as simple as riding a bike. All of the features in the world aren’t going to do you any good unless they are easy to use. We’ve worked hard to make JobNimbus as easy to learn as it is to use daily. We hide more advanced functionality by default so you can learn at your own pace while still allowing expert users to move even faster and more conveniently in JobNimbus.

With features, we have you covered. But where the rubber meets the road for JobNimbus is in how easy it is to learn and use. Unlike a lot of complex CRM and Project Management software, JobNimbus is simple enough that people actually use it and enjoy the experience!

Grow your business

JobNimbus is more than software—it’s a true growth accelerator. Boost efficiency and maximize profit with the simple, all-in-one tool.

Tickets Include

  • Hotel room
  • Unlimited food and beverages (including alcoholic beverages)
  • Transportation to and from the airport in Cabo
  • The event itself
  • Swag bag
  • Workbook
  • One-on-one time with specialists

Room Stats

Room Size | 522 FT² Consider this your all-access pass to excess, dripping in both luxury and ocean views. Available in king-sized or two queens – all featuring 300-count Egyptian cotton sheets.

JNSS Agenda

4:00 PM - Hotel Registration & Check-in

Check into your room, get settled, and prepare for the Welcome Party!

6:00 PM - Rooftop Welcome Party @ Los Gallos Mexican Restaurant

Join us at Los Gallos and start this summit off right! Drinks and hors d'oeuvres will be served.

9:00 PM - After Party @ Moonlight Lounge

Celebrate a day well-traveled with drinks, dancing, and good company.

8:00 AM - Breakfast

Food will be available in the exhibit hall before the start of the conference.

9:00 AM - A Look into the Future of JobNimbus

Special announcement from our CEO, Ben Hodson, about new solutions coming to JobNimbus!

10:15 AM - Mastering Your Boards

Boards are your best friend in JobNimbus. Learn how to use Boards to master your visibility and customization.

11:30 AM - Automation Domination

Powerful automations build a better business. Let JobNimbus handle the details so you have more time on your hands.

12:00 PM - JobNimbus Best Practices - Customer Panel

JobNimbus Best Practices led by current JobNimbus Superusers.

3:00 PM - Breakout Session #1

  • Creative Hiring @ The Red Pool
  • 1099 vs. W2 - Tips & Tricks @ The Eden Pool
  • Product Feature TBD @ Moonlight Lounge

4:00 PM - Breakout Session #2

  • Build Reports That Get Results @ The Red Pool
  • Coffee Talk @ The Eden Pooll
  • Get Connected With Our Integrations @ Moonlight Lounge

7:00 PM - Dinner Party on the Beach

It's a party on the beach in Cabo! Dinner will be served in our custom dug-out beach area. Enjoy this unique experience!

9:00 PM - After Party @ Moonlight Lounge

Put on your dancin' shoes! Leveling up is hard, come let loose at the after party. Grab a drink and chat with great company!

8:00 AM - Breakfast

Food will be available in the exhibit hall before the start of the conference.

9:00 AM - The Importance of Company Values

Create more than just a job—establish a culture that no one wants to leave. Discover how to build your business around a core set of values.

10:00 AM - Leverage the Partner in Your Pocket

Learn about our new key features of our mobile app and what it can do to increase your team communication and efficiency.

10:30 AM - Get the Most Out of JobNimbus Integrations

See all the ways integrations can speed up your processes and help you grow your business.

12:00 PM - JobNimbus Best Practices

Boards are your best friend in JobNimbus. Learn how to use Boards to master your visibility and customization.

3:00 PM - Breakout Session #1

  • - 1099 vs. W2 - Tips & Tricks @ The Eden Pool
  • - Getting Your Team On-Board @ The Red Pool
  • - Simplifying Payments @ Moonlight Lounge

4:00 PM - Breakout Session #2

  • - JobNimbus on the Go @ The Red Pool
  • - Establishing Team Commitment with Workflows @ The Eden Pool
  • - Product Feature TBD @ Moonlight Lounge

6:00 PM  - Crew Party @ Serrenade Terrace (Crew-members only)

Calling all Crew members! We have an exclusive tequila-tasting experience for you, and you guessed it—a cornhole championship!

7:00 PM - Awards Dinner @ Muse Terrace

A thank you dinner to recognize what matters most to JobNimbus: our contractors!

9:00 PM - After Party @ Moonlight Lounge

Saying goodbye is never fun. One last after party to get everyone together with drinks and dancing, of course.

8:00 AM - Breakfast with Execs

Food will be available in the exhibit hall before the start of the conference.

9:00 AM - Simplifying Payments

Payments shouldn't be something to stress about. Let's break 'em down to simpler terms.

9:30 AM - **Special Announcement**

We are so excited to share this special announcement with our attendees! This is something you'll want in on from the front lines.

10:30 AM - Keynote Speaker

Special speaker TBA—stay tuned!

12:00 PM - EVENT END

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