In recent weeks, as concern over the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow, more and more companies are asking their employees to start working from home. Even before the outbreak, the business world today is embracing and shifting towards more remote-work positions. While roofing is a physical-labor job that requires you to show up to your job site, there is still a lot of behind-the-scenes work that can be accomplished off-site. 

While some roofing businesses choose to postpone their work, others still have work that needs to get done. It’s a great time to take advantage of strategies for working remotely and being as productive as you would be while working out in the field. The nice thing is, JobNimbus allows you to work effectively from wherever you are and provides multiple features that will make working from home much easier and convenient for you. 

Here are a few JobNimbus integrations that are definitely worth looking into:

EagleView Integration

With the EagleView integration in JobNimbus, you no longer need to measure roofs manually. EagleView lets you measure roofs from a distance. EagleView lets you take aerial roof measurements for your jobs and easily order measurement reports in just a few clicks. It also ties your measurements into your job folder in JobNimbus. 

If you don’t have an account with EagleView, you can contact us at and we’ll help get you set up. If you already have an EagleView account, you can easily connect it following these instructions.

JobNimbus Payments 

Tired of waiting to collect paper checks? JobNimbus Payments feature lets you collect payments quickly. It gets you paid faster and in a way that is easier for both you and your customers. This feature is as simple as sending an invoice. Customers will see a “Make a Payment” button on their invoice that they can click on and submit payments with either a credit/debit card or e-check. This will help create more efficiency in your workplace in the comfort of your own home. 

If you’re not set up to take payments in JobNimbus, send us an email and we’ll help walk you through setup and payment training.

Beacon Pro+ Integration

The JobNimbus/Beacon Pro+ Integration helps you improve efficiency and communication while doing it all online.  

You can choose Beacon available materials and create estimates with materials that are available right now at a Beacon Roofing Supply branch closest to you. You’ll for sure know that the materials you’re ordering will be available from your local branch and ready on production day.

You’ll also get live pricing, which makes your estimates more accurate than ever. Give your customers the pricing security they need while doing exact job costing. 

You can also send orders directly to Beacon for faster processing. Our Beacon Pro+ integration tracks all of your orders in both places in real-time, which helps save time due to no double entry. Rest assured, you’ll know your ordered materials will be available from your local branch and ready on production day.

E-Sign Feature

You don’t have to be on your customer’s doorstep to get their signature. Now, JobNimbus allows you to email contracts to your customers. Customers will receive a link where they can sign contracts electronically. You’ll never have to leave your home to get another signature. Learn how to get contracts signed in JobNimbus here

Mobile App

The JobNimbus app includes dozens of more features and integrations that can be accessed from anywhere. Your sales team doesn’t have to come into the office anymore to do their job. Track your leads and production, capture photos in the field, record notes, collaborate with your team, sync with your other apps, and keep everything moving through your pipeline while working from home.

Send Estimates

You can create & edit estimates and quotes for your jobs on-the-go with our JobNimbus mobile app. Our estimate builder lets you create estimate templates, pull from your saved products & services, and email estimates to customers in seconds. 


Doing your work from home shouldn’t keep you from being any less productive or growing your business. All you need are the right resources. Lucky for you, JobNimbus has all that you need to not only do your work but do it better than you could before. If you have any questions, you can find helpful answers in our knowledge base or contact us via phone, email, and social. Regardless of where you’re working, JobNimbus is right there with you.

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