How Solar Sales Software Can Supercharge Your Business

The right solar sales software can help you take your business to the next level. Solar is cutting-edge, and that creates a unique sales opportunity—assuming you have the organization, communication, and information workflows to support your sales team. That’s where solar sales software comes in.

7 Solar Sales Software Features to Focus On

When it comes to choosing solar software that amplifies your efforts, it helps to get specific. We’ve gathered the following list of key tools to support your solar sales team.

1. Reach-back to a Full-featured CRM and PM

Sales work usually happens in the field, so any discussion of solar sales software naturally moves toward mobile apps. However, keep in mind that the best mobile apps for your business should integrate with powerhouse desktop tools.

Specifically, look for solar sales software that acts as a customer relationship management (CRM) tool as well as a project management (PM) tool, like JobNimbus.

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2. Team Tracking, Communication, and Accountability

Your sales team can function as a well-oiled machine without losing the flexibility and creativity that makes them great at what they do.

JobNimbus offers easy-to-use goal tracking systems that your reps will actually use. The easier it is for management to see what field representatives are doing, the more likely those managers will be to hold team members accountable. Tracking tools need to be cloud-based, reliable, and straightforward, like those you’ll find in JobNimbus.

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3. Prospect Tracking

Solar sales software should make canvassing a geographic area a snap. Your field reps stay more connected to people they interact with when tracking isn’t a hassle.

JobNimbus helps you maximize an area’s opportunity without repeating your efforts or alienating those you’ve already spoken with. It helps you take the long view, where data today will help you make the most of a neighborhood in the future. JobNimbus makes it easy to document which houses already have solar roofs, for example. Best of all, if you’re canvassers work in teams, all this information updates to the entire team in real time.

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4. Quick Estimates

Information can be very persuasive. Supply your sales team with immediate access to metrics that help close the sale.

For example, JobNimbus allows your field representative to provide a quick quote estimate, but the features don’t end there. You can also create estimate templates, populate an estimate from existing products and services, and share estimates with customers.

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5. Scheduling and Workflows

Is your team struggling to organize customer appointments? You may need a team-oriented scheduling solution like JobNimbus.

Once your sales rep identifies a prospect, JobNimbus makes it simple to schedule the next step. No more back-and-forth while the customer waits or loses interest. Our software also helps your entire company to get more done by streamlining how your sales process fits in with other workflows.

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6. Document Management: Invoicing, Contracts, and Signatures

While documents are important, they can get in the way of what really matters. Keep your sales team focused on customers, not paperwork. Make it simple for field representatives to access invoices, contracts, and other important documents.

With JobNimbus, your sales team can keep paperwork moving using convenient features like digital signatures. You can even take photos and make job-specific annotations, then save.

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7. Customer Access and Reviews

Customers should have a way to access project information themselves. Your sales team can share how this can be done in just a few minutes.

JobNimbus empowers customers to understand project milestones, access important documents, and track support issues. This kind of transparency and accessibility creates customer confidence in your company.

Similarly, make it as easy as possible for customers to share how happy they are with your work! Customer reviews boost sales by offering “social proof” to future clients.

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How to Move Forward With Solar Sales Software

If you’re new to solar sales software, we’d love to help with next steps. If you’ve used solar sales software before but it hasn’t worked, JobNimbus can help with that, too. We’d love to help you gain an edge over past performance, not to mention your competition! Learn more by watching our demos or contacting us today.

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