Do More With Online Contractor Task Management

Online contractor task management can help you do more as you take your business to the next level—once you find the right solution for your team.

We believe with JobNimbus we’ve created the ultimate online contractor task management tool, because our cloud-based software covers so much within one solution.

And we can back that up! We’ve gathered a list that merely scratches the surface of what JobNimbus can provide. This collection gives you a quick look at some of the most popular online contractor task management solutions on the market so you can feel empowered in taking your next step toward better contractor task management:

Boards View

Ever heard of the kanban system of task management? Some sources attribute this to Japanese manufacturing, as a way to keep processes moving and inventory accounted for by sending an instruction card through the production chain.

That’s how our Boards view looks and feels, but supercharged on a digital screen. When you open it, you’ll see several columns of digital cards. You can move them among the columns, which represent different statuses or milestones along your workflow. This is a great way to see what status a given project, customer, or task is in, for example. Add checklists, file attachments, and more.

JobNimbus offers the awesome layout organizers love, with tons of additional features that go way beyond this one view.

Workflow Systemization

It never works well when only a few star team members stick to an established workflow. JobNimbus allows you to sync your workflow and data between online and mobile apps. This helps contractors stay current, even while they’re away from the office. With a straightforward, task-focused interface, it continues to be one of the most popular options for online contractor task management.

JobNimbus is available on all your devices, connecting everyone in your team. Your workflow can guide them wherever the day takes them.

What’s more, JobNimbus gives you a combined CRM (customer relationship management) and PM (project management) tool—one packed with extras for working with your data and using task management within the context of your entire business workflow—all for an affordable flat fee.

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If your contractor business feels like it’s out of control, JobNimbus is a way to create a command center. If you like popular note apps but feel they lack the task management features you’re looking for, then an online contractor task management tool like JobNimbus is the way to go.

We also offer powerful integrations with other popular tools you might already use, making it simple to get things done more quickly and seamlessly.


Find out about more of our convenient Integrations.

No Limits Where and When It Counts

JobNimbus features unlimited cloud storage, contacts, jobs, and file attachment sizes. We also don’t ask you to pay extra for our industry-leading security features, like other task management alternatives may ask you to do. In this way, using an unlimited tool can feel better than using free or even low-cost paid tools. We keep it affordable while still offering you features you’re going to want.

Similarly, some online contractor task management tools ask you to pay more when you reach a certain number of users. You can see how quickly many companies would outgrow these free versions. We take a different approach. JobNimbus is a pay-per-user model, which means you are only limited by your own growth.

We don’t charge you for doing more work, so don’t be afraid to grow with us. It’s just $25 per user per month, for everything forever.

Ease of Use

Even with all these features, JobNimbus’ interface is simple and intuitive. You can even edit tasks in bulk, which can come in handy for repetitive tasks. You can also attach files to tasks to keep your team in the loop—after all, collaboration is one of the main reasons contractors look for an online task management solution.

JobNimbus goes several steps further. Why not automate your tasks rather than batch-loading them, for example? Why not take task management beyond project management, to include better customer record management? We offer rich customer note tracking that goes beyond what other tools offer.

Other Features You’ll Love: Create Templates and Get Signatures

Try Our Full-fledged Online Contractor Task Management Solution for Free

You owe it to yourself to try an affordable, full-fledged task management experience. It can unify and systemize your team’s efforts by using JobNimbus as your productivity hub. From there, you can add on powerful integrations with tools like QuickBooks, SalesRabbit, CompanyCam, and much more.

Sign up for your free 14-day trial of JobNimbus today.

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