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Roofing bid software that helps you on how to bid a roofing job

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Be more profitable

Roofing software that…

  • Regains lost jobs when you are organized
  • Get paid because you know who owes you money
  • See who is productive and who is not
  • Get full visibility of your team using roofing estimate software


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Be more efficient.

  • Improve work follow up through tasks
  • Gain visibility using a calendar
  • Access Info everywhere and anywhere with the mobile app
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“I ❤️ JobNimbus, The #1 reason is for organization.”

-Sean Claire Owner Fortitude Roofing

Kenny Smith

Owner, Smith Roofing

“Great CRM, streamlined our processes this year allowing us to triple in gross sales.”

-Brian Sorensen, Sorensen Roofing and Exteriors

“JobNimbus has saved me about 40h/week and I’m doing the jobs of 2 part time people that are no longer here too. I used to work 100h/week and now I work 60.”

-Charles Schneider, Schneider Roofing

We could not live without Job Nimbus! Our files have customer notes, job pics, all documents, invoices …. and I can access them anywhere from my phone or ipad. It keeps us so organized and it’s easy and we love it!

-Mitch, Donahue Roofing

What does JobNimbus do?

Roofing bid software designed to make your company more organized and efficient. Above all, more profitable and professional. JobNimbus roof management software helps you manage multiple projects at once.  Roofing Contractor magazine highlighted JobNimbus as one of the best roofing software companies of 2021.

JobNimbus is a cloud based software that:

  1. Helps you accurately estimate
  2. Collect payments digitally
  3. Achieve customer satisfaction easily
What is the best roofing app?

JobNimbus was named the best roofing software of 2021 by In short, JobNimbus allows you to get more done with less time. 

How to get an edge on the roofing competion? We surveyed over 100 of our users and the #1 response that best describes contractors experience of JobNimbus

  • Accelerate Growth and Efficiency

What accelerates a roofing business specifically? Here are just a few examples from real contractors who were surveyed.

  • Visibility using a calendar, for example, “Ability to see where my sales reps are on a given day.”
  • Organization through digital boards
  • Automations, for example, “Removes the chances of forgetting”
  • Operational visibility using reports
Does your business need roofing software?

If you are using paper and pen still, you may want to consider why it’s time to buy roofing software. JobNimbus is very useful for roofing project management for the following reasons…

  • break down every stage of production process
  • plan and control multiple projects
  • get entire team on track with full visibility

Part of customer relationship management in the roofing business is getting bids out fast. A contractor who completes proffesional accurate estimates quickly will have a higher chance closing customers which leads to more work. More work means, more customers who can generate referrals. Referrals are a #1 source of how to generate roofing leads (2021 JobNimbus Roofing Contractor Research done by ClearSeas Research 36% of business leads came from referrals).

Jobnimbus has some key features in roofing estimate software, these include…

  • Good, better, best estimates
  • Estimates that have markup, labor and material
  • Sync products with Quickbooks
  • Digitally signed estimates to email
  • Digital estimates ready at the jobsite
  • Estimates that can be converted to invoices
  • Estimates to convert to roofing work orders for subcontractors


What software do roofers use?

We know managing a roofing business is intense. Roofing contractors use software that has some core features. These features save time which become key during busy season when you manage multiple jobs.

Other words people use for software in the roofing industry include:

  • Roofing app/Roofing application (Aka…works in the field on your phone or ipad because it is cloud based)

Contractors use software that:

  • Has aerial measurements (we integrate with Eagleview and Hover)
  • Estimating software (we integrate with Quickbooks and Beacon Supplies)
  • Photo organization (our app is great and we integrated with Company Cam)
  • Is a digital one stop shop (no papers and spreadsheets all over the place)
  • Offer customer financing (get those big projects in the pipeline)
  • Accept payments digitally (why spend time chasing checks)
  • Task lists so nothing slips through the cracks


Easily manage your roofing business on the job site

Get organized with an easy tool

JobNimbus roofing bid software is a one stop shop for organizing. Accept credit card payments online for jobs. Get more done at the job site using the JobNimbus roofing app. Get to the next level, add more time back in your day to spend with family.


Communicate better

Nothing is worse than not knowing what’s going on in your business. In JobNimbus, everything from emails to text messages is recorded, so you know where your jobs are and what’s left. As a result, you have peace of mind.

Sell more jobs

Stay on top of everything with JobNimbus. Project management software for roofing companies who have many projects. For instance, nothing slips through the cracks, you’ll sell more jobs, and you’ll collect more payments.

Enhanced with powerful integrations

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EagleView Technologies Aerial Roof Imagery Logo
Sales Rabbit - JobNimbus Integration for Canvassing
WePay - Payments Integration
CompanyCam Integration with JobNimbus
Google Calendar JobNimbus Integration
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Integration with naturalForms (logo)
Podium | JobNimbus Solution Summit 2019

“It is really bringing true organization, & helps all stay in sync.”

Nathan Harris, Thomas Jefferson Roofing

JobNimbus Roofing Bid Software Features


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