How Roofing Software Can Help Attract Qualified Employees

It’s no secret that contracting industries including roofing are struggling to find qualified help. During the past several years, labor shortages are slowing industry growth as well as overall economic growth, as reported by the New York Times earlier this year. As Todd Bingham, president of the Utah Manufacturers Association, said in thatarticle:

“3.1 percent unemployment is fabulous unless you’re looking to hire people. Our companies are saying, ‘We could grow faster, we could produce more product, if we had the workers,’” he said. “Is it holding the economy back? I think it definitely is.”

Innovative roofing companies like those highlighted in this article are fighting the trend through tactics like raising wages. But there’s another option: using roofing software effectively can be more helpful than you might think when it comes to attracting and keeping capable roofing employees. Here are several reasons why.

1. Evolving Expectations

Millennials and others have grown up with technology, so it makes sense that they would want to work with technology when it makes sense to. That means, even in a hands-on, physical labor-centric industry like roofing, these workers understand that technology makes their job more enjoyable. These workers want to use technology to take care of communication, estimates, photo documentation, customer notes, ordering, and plenty of other tasks that support the physical work they do onsite. So, if you’re having trouble connecting with entry-level labor, maybe part of the answer is to get connected! Find a roofing software solution that is cloud-integrated and mobile, not just something your office team uses.

2. Better Labor Retention

Without a roofing software solution, you may be missing out on ways to support your current employees. Roofing software tools empower both your current and future teams to interact on common ground, which creates a better environment. You’ll retain a stronger and more cohesive team as a whole since your organization’s office and field teams will be more in sync. Finally, you’ll also strengthen relationships between your veteran workers and your newest hires. Some leaders worry that introducing technology might have the opposite effect–overwhelming loyal employees who like the way things are. But keep in mind, a good roofing software tool should be built intuitively enough that your workers immediately feel its benefits right away. For any gaps, the roofing software company should offer training options that overcome any learning curves.

3. Better Productivity

It’s not only about what your prospective workers are looking for, though it might feel that way during a labor shortage! Roofing software is a win-win, boosting your roofing company’s output as well. For starters, the right CRM and project management tool will boost your team’s communication, follow-through, organization, workflow management, and general effectiveness–especially with strategic integrations with other software you may use, like QuickBooks. That can definitely help your bottom line! No more time and energy lost on repetitive tasks or disconnects. In other words, this is about streamlining, not complicating your team’s tasks. Make sure your roofers have the tool that helps them handle the odds and ends: an integrated mobile and desktop project management and customer relationship management software solution. That way, they’ll actually stay more focused on roofing jobs.

4. Better Customer Care and Retention

Finally, as you well know, what’s good for your prospective employees, your team, and your company as a whole is good for your customers as well. It’s important to create predictable and systemized results for your customers, and that’s what roofing software is really good at. From sales to implementation, roofing software helps you track follow-up calls, automate the busywork, and navigate the days ahead thanks to reporting tools–consistently!

Keep the Momentum Building

With a roofing software-supported company, you’ll create an edge that others can feel. It’s about growing a company culture that is consistent, focused, and relatable. We’d love to help you build and continue that kind of momentum. As the makers of an industry-leading, cloud-integrated CRM and project management solution, we know a tool like ours can help you win and keep more employees as well as customers. Check out our free 14-day trial today.

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