The Kickin’ Asphalt Tour: Daring You to Grow Your Business

Kickin’ Asphalt and taking names— that’s what Ronnie Smith has set out to do.

In light of the current pandemic, Ronnie has taken “working remote” to a whole new level. As the Chief Growth Coach at JobNimbus, a solution software for contractors, Ronnie has left his home in Tennessee and hit the road to travel the country and meet with contractors to help them grow their business.

But he’s not traveling without style. He’s living in a giant custom-wrapped truck and trailer with his wife, Jill, and dog, Libby. They’re hitting 19 states and visiting over 70 Beacon locations! Ronnie has always had a dream to travel around helping people, and it’s finally become a reality for him.

Well, maybe not the reality he always pictured. Along with traveling and connecting with customers, Ronnie’s also had to pick up a new skill: vlogging. Having never filmed himself before or used cameras much at all, Ronnie has learned to capture every moment of his journey to make the tour become a YouTube series that contractors and JN users alike can turn to for business tips and engaging content.

If anyone is right for the job, it’s Ronnie. With a contracting background, consulting experience, a love for RV life, and a charming personality to top it all off, Ronnie is the perfect storm to make the road show a huge success.

Prior to life on the road, Ronnie wore a few hats over his years with JobNimbus. Most recently, Ronnie was Chief of Growth Services, a role where he worked with different businesses one-on-one to help them grow and hit their business goals. Beforehand, Ronnie wore titles such as Director of Customer Support, Training Manager, and Consultant at JobNimbus.

Ronnie wasn’t always part of the JobNimbus family. In fact, he had a business of his own when JobNimbus found him. He started a consulting business called RJ Business Solutions in 2014, which focused on consulting in the construction industry.

What exactly made Ronnie qualified to give consult to construction companies? I suppose his experience owning a roofing company would qualify. He has been around the construction industry at large since 2004, and has worked in roofing specifically since 2013. Ronnie sold his part of his roofing company back to his business partner after joining the JobNimbus team in 2015. Who knew that just 6 years later his role at JobNimbus would have him living out his dream of traveling the country and helping people take control of their businesses?

And now Ronnie is one of the faces of JobNimbus! You can check out the Kickin’ Asphalt tour on the JobNimbus YouTube and social media to follow along on Ronnie’s journey.

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