JobNimbus App for iPhone and Android

After all the time and effort we’ve put into making the JobNimbus web app more powerful, smarter, and faster, it would never be complete without native mobile support for iPhone and Android.

We’re proud to offer the JobNimbus app, a mobile CRM that lets you grow your sales and own your projects. Every day, we work hard to make this app as useful as possible, allowing you to manage all of your most important tasks on the go from your mobile device.

If you’re out of the office, on the job site, or just on the go, you’ll always be able to have access to the most important information on JobNimbus including your contacts, jobs, and tasks.

Some of the things you’ll be able to do are:

  • Track leads using customizable statuses and workflow. Log notes and track follow-up tasks.
  • Contact management. Add, edit, and call contacts directly from the app. Activity and Details are now tabs, making it easier to swipe left and right on a contact to see what you need.
  • Manage jobs with a “digital file folder” for each of your projects. Attach documents, notes and related tasks.
  • Upload photos directly to a task, job, or contact.
  • Schedule appointments, tasks, and meetings for yourself and others.
  • Calendar view for easy scheduling and planning. We’ve enriched the calendar with a new Agenda view and more to see your day in a whole new way.
  • Email notifications to let your team know about assigned contacts and tasks. Daily task reminders.
  • Manage documents including contracts, estimates, invoices, PDFs, and photos
  • Supercharge performance. Sync, views, and actions all got a huge speed boost.
  • Task list to give you a better view of what’s overdue, due now, and upcoming.
  • Type and Status at the top of each Contact/Job to take up less room and be less prone to miss-taps. Just tap on the status at the top to choose a new one, or change it while editing.
  • DisplayName. Use “DisplayName” as the unique identifier for contacts. Also use unique job name functionality.

We have a lot more in store with future updates and are hoping to add new features and improvements that will help you streamline your workflow.

JobNimbus has always been a mobile CRM, but with the release of our official iPhone and Android apps, we are taking mobile CRM and project management software to a whole new level.

Head on over to your respective app store to see more screenshots and download the app today!

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*Because the JobNimbus mobile app supports offline mode, it must synchronize down your contacts, jobs, and tasks so that they are available whether you are connected or not. In order to reduce the amount of space that JobNimbus takes up on your device, the default is to synchronize only contacts and jobs where you are either the Sales Rep or an Owner.

If you want to change this default behavior to synchronize all contacts and jobs no matter what, you can go to Job Status and Contact Status in Account Settings and check the box for Mobile Sync which will force any jobs or contacts in that status to synchronize every time.

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