How to Sell Painting Jobs in 4 Easy Steps

In the age of DIY videos and articles, it can be hard to sell painting jobs—but not impossible. It’s all about showing the customer what value you bring to the table and why they would benefit from a professional painting job.

When you use a paint software, it’s easy to share exactly what your paint company can do for a customer.

The home improvement market is booming in the United States. The customers are there! It’s on you to convince them to use your services.

Whether you’re a novice painting salesperson or have been on the job for 20+ years, we’ve gathered some great advice about how to sell painting jobs that can be useful for anyone.

1. Show Your Value

You’re not just selling a paint job or selling workers’ time. That’s a mistake many salespeople make. Salespeople can focus too much on the tangible service or product they are trying to sell.

While it’s important to sell the product, it’s also important to sell more, such as:

  • Your work ethic
  • Your trustworthiness
  • Your solid reputation
  • The enjoyment of a well-painted room for years to come

Let’s focus on that last bullet point for a minute. What you’re selling isn’t just a coat of paint applied on a wall—it’s the satisfaction the customer will get out of their renovated room each time they use it. Or, if it’s an exterior paint job, the feeling they get when they see their house looking spiffy in its fresh color.

Every homeowner has told themselves, “It can’t be that hard to paint our house. We’ll just do it ourselves.” As painters know, doing a paint job well without the right tools and skills can take more time and money than having professionals do it.

Customers sometimes forget what exactly they are paying contractors for. Paint the picture for them (pun intended). Do they really want to look up at their wall every day and notice the spots they missed because they decided to DIY it?

When customers choose your business for their paint job, make sure they know they’re getting quality work that only professionals can guarantee.

It’s also wise to show your customers what they’re saving by choosing to book your services:

  • Time
  • Exhaustion
  • Frustration
  • The hassle of buying materials

It’s up to you to shape your customers’ perception of your business. Show your value to potential customers and educate them on what they’re getting out of the deal. Remember, you need to sell your painting skills, knowledge, and expertise in addition to your work!

2. Establish Trust

Did you know that most consumers make purchasing decisions based on trust? Nearly 50% of consumers buy from a company because they trust them.

Trust is crucial to the success of your painting business, but it isn’t something you can just have. Nope, you’ve got to build it and earn it.

So, how can you establish trust with your customers? Follow these five steps:

  1. Be honest
  2. Be reliable and available
  3. Follow through on promises
  4. Accept responsibility
  5. Be personable

One of the quickest ways to lose a sale is to lose that person’s trust. Building trust can take a long time, but it can crumble in mere seconds.

When someone is looking to buy a product, it puts them in a vulnerable position. They want to buy the best service available for a good price. But they have to rely on what multiple contractors are telling them.

No one wants to feel like they are getting taken advantage of. Most customers looking for a paint job receive multiple bids before making a choice. One way you can stand out from your competition and ultimately win the sale is by establishing trust early in the process.

3. Follow Up and Follow Through

Communicating is a vital part of painting sales. About 23% of customers say lack of communication from a contractor makes them less likely to hire that business for a job.

That’s why it’s crucial to stay on top of communicating with your potential clients if you want to sell a paint job. Be sure to promptly respond to messages, answer questions, and be easy to get a hold of. No one wants to do business with someone who has ghosted them!

Communicating is a skill most people can improve. Even if you consider yourself an excellent communicator, that doesn’t always transfer to business.

Painting software can help teams improve communication both internally and with customers. With the right software, it’s easy to follow up with customers, collect eSignatures, stay organized, and optimize processes at your business.

4. Leverage Positive Reviews

Garnering positive online reviews helps you sell more paint jobs. About 93% of customers consult online reviews that influence their buying decisions before purchasing products.

So, how exactly do you gain positive reviews? It’s all about delivering amazing service and maintaining relationships with satisfied customers. Sending a quick message that asks a happy customer to leave a good review is very effective. Try it out for yourself!

Now that you’re equipped with these four simple steps to sell paint jobs, you’ll find yourself ready to sell even more paint jobs than ever. What are some sales methods that have helped you increase painting jobs?

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