How To: Export A List Of Contacts With Addresses For Mailing Holiday Cards

Both a common practice and a genuinely good thing to do, sending cards and letters to your customers around the Holidays can definitely make them feel special and cared for (one of the main purposes of CRM). Thanks to fully customizable reports, JobNimbus is equipped to serve up all the data you need to send these Holiday cards at a moment’s notice. Let’s say you need a list of all your contacts with their mailing addresses. With JobNimbus custom reports, your exported list for Holiday greeting cards is just a few clicks away.

How to Export an Address-Filled Contact List

You could do this a couple of ways: customizing your contact grid, or creating a custom report. By creating a custom report, you have the option to name and save the report to pull from in the future without disturbing your main contacts grid or having to recreate it every time you want an updated version of the list.

Create a Custom Report

First off, you’ll want to log in and go to Reports on the left side navigation. Once here, click the action menu (•••) at the top right corner where it says “My Saved Reports” and choose Create Contacts Report.

Add Columns

Once in your report, use the Add Column option to add in your address information (Address line, City, State, Zip) by just going up to Add Column and choosing each piece of data you want to see as a column on your contact’s list. If there is any other column you’d like to add to your grid, this is a good time to do that. A few good ones to add could be:

  • Date Created. This way, you know exactly when you met this person to reference that date and personalize the message.
  • Date Updated. This might help you see when your last interaction was with this person, providing context to your message.
  • Sales Rep / Owner. Using names they are familiar with will give them that personal, homey feeling.
  • Job Type / Tags. This will provide, again, more context for the message you include.

You can include whatever columns you’d like to provide the best message for your customers. While you’re here, if you want to remove any columns from your grid, just use the Remove Column option.

Save Your Report

Now that your report is set up correctly, you’ll want to give it a proper name to help you identify it later. A good description will also help you give it more detail and make it easier to find next Holiday season. Be sure to set the permissions and number of records shown per page, as well. Once you’ve got everything set up the way you’d like it, it’s time to save your new custom report. To do that, just click the Save button at the top right. Note: You can edit a saved report at any time, so don’t worry if you need to come back and make any changes.

Export to Excel/CSV

Now you can use the Export to Excel (or CSV) option at the top right of this saved grid to export your list of contacts along with all the fields you are now showing. Once you’ve created the report, you’ll see it as an option under the icon with three lines (in the upper right of the screen). If you don’t see the option there, it may be due to your team’s custom permission levels. Some users may be allowed to see the report but not export it. You may need to contact the person on your team who administers your JobNimbus account. For more options and guides through our custom reports, here’s a link to our Reports documentation. This grid customization I described works the same way as when you create a report so you can use this for help if you aren’t sure about the above steps.


Getting ready to send off Holiday cards and letters doesn’t have to be stressful. With JobNimbus, it just takes a one-time setup and you’re ready to send a new card every year. If you happen to need any assistance with exporting your data, contact us at at any time. 

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